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League of Legends Summoner Names

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Old thread got deleted with the changes to forums........ Post your summoner names here, please include the summoner level, I will be doing it like alst time and have the 30s on top and non 30s below, If you have a current league please include that (if you want to) League>30>anything under 30.



Forum Name, Summoner name, Level

@@Chrono ChronosNite, 30,

@@PiNoYPsYcHo PinoyPsycho, 30

@@JayBreezy Jaybreeze, 30

@@Forest ChronicFrenzy, 420

@@Warriorsfury warriorsfury, 30

@@DrPepperPhreak Menaces, 30

@@Microsoft Mîcrosoft, 30

@@Leotekk Leotekk, 30

@@Eden AmeGod, 30

@@kiwishuriken5 kiwishuriken, 30

@@gnarking gnarking1, 30

@@RoxyLalonde Xenoas, 30

@@ThePenguin TheP3nguin, 30

@@Temptedguy Temptedguy, 28

@@DMTwired DMTWired, 30

@@Nymph Dahbees, 30

@@Nivek_Relyk Nivekrelyk, 30

@@Stickz stickman002, 30

@@DerpO_o derp1230, 30

@@MineCrack mincecrack, 30

@@Volt v0lyx, 30

@@Epix epicpyx, 30

@@nebulastar1 nebulastar1, 30

@@cookieless IhaveLArgePenix, 30

@@Unger_D unger D, 30

@@CowBoyWonnaBe CozyMan, 30

@@DeathGod BankofPoop, 20

@@BenJammin oneDeag, 30

@@Tiger V3tis, 30

@Unit12p unit12p, 30

@Reflex V y, 30

@Gawd WestRags, 30

@StarmiX Cesil13, 30

@DrLee DrIeague, 30 (it's an i. not an L)

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@autumn if you have the old thread archived somewhere, could you pull it up please? it was a rather long list that i'd prefer not to lose. especially since the summoner names are different from forum names, so i can't put 1 and 2 together off the top of my head from my friends list.

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