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Damn, now that you mention it, I called out a scammer, no two last night after someone used the username of Rank 97 trader, I do not know how to take screenshots at this time. But I do know that is it similar to someone who also was hit by someone who used the name of the top trader seen on Backpack,tf.


Both of witch happen to ask if the item they want was safe. The chat ended after I was nearly a victim when I decided to show the scammer his real BP.TF profile.

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The is the most amazing scammer I've ever encountered. 

So this dude, "LegoTonix" random addes me asking to trade for my unusual. I tell him he can use the trade offer link on my profile, but instead he sends me a backpack.tf link. I see "his" backpack has loads of keys and unusuals. I go to the real LegoTonix's profile via link from backpack.tf, and of course it is noticeably different from the impersonator-sammer's profile. 

So, I decided to leave a helpful comment on the LegoTonix's profile


Of course, I had to tell the impersonator! 😎 His reaction is priceless (the fact that he reacted at all is amazing).



Full chat-log, if you're interested;


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