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Remove trade_pso_seabed_v2


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After playing on this map today I can verify that this map drained all my braincells and only left me with 5.

I only found 2 people in total and the enemy team had 13 people on it

+1 to remove this map

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As pretty as this map is, it's far too big and it's too hard to fight with each other. I usually like big maps so I can explore, but there's hardly anything to see, just long hallways. The distance between each team's spawn is too far as well, making encounters with other players very rare, and fights even rarer. The only way to start any kind of combat is to get an engineer to make a nest somewhere near the enemy spawn. Then it essentially becomes worse bunker, implying the engineer and his team can actually get there. Overall just a badly designed map that's too big, and it usually kills the server.

+1 to remove

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