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I don't know where to start with this apology. It'll probably be all over the place because I'm not so good with conveying my emotions/thoughts. 

I guess I'll start with saying I'm sorry for what Lemonvolt said in the thread. He didn't mean to group everyone (who isn't in my friend group) in this ''furry'' group. He did the worst thing possible (which is something everyone agreed with) especially since there was tension before that. He did it out of frustration and I can understand but I still didn't think it was okay for him to do that.

I'm sorry to @Caribou to being a hypocrite towards him (and anyone else that found me to be a hypocrite). I reflected on what I had said and what I've done and I thought it was pretty retarded of me to say that people were picking on me for my past when I was doing the very same thing.

I'm sorry to @Kypari (and anyone that can apply themselves to this or however you want to phrase it) for arguing with you in the past (and if I've argued with you recently which I dont think I've done, correct me if I'm wrong).

I'm sorry to @bagggel and anyone else I've been passive aggressive towards. I should've thought before I sent that message. I should've went to a higher up instead of trying to stir up drama and I fully admit that I was completely in the wrong there.

(Sorry for the repetition but) I'm sorry for all of the passive aggressive comments n' such. I don't know how to explain my actions there other than wanting to cause drama or something. (Was usually done due to having anger and frustrations that I couldn't do anything about).

I'm sorry for anything my friends have said and done that upset anyone.

I'm sorry for all the drama that's been caused due to my idiocy and immaturity.

I would like to have a clean slate with everyone and try to do better this time. I ask for forgiveness for the dumb stuff I've done and if you don't want to forgive, I'm fine with that. I just hope I can get along with everyone from now on and to keep any snarky poop to myself and to improve myself on my behavior n such.

I'm deeply sorry.

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Don't sweat it dude, not your fault. Also, I don't think there's much need for you to start off with a clean slate, I believe you've improved a lot in the past few weeks. I've seen it myself! I'm glad you still want to improve though, and I'll be looking forward to it! 😄

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