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So with the cool, new Update Aquatic, and the stripped logs that can now be used, I'd like some help deciding which ones to use for my Tudor Architecture-style home. I don't need any professional help, this is more of a survey of which just looks best to everyone, in his or her own opinion.

Dark Oak Logs;

Dark Oak Planks;

or Stripped Dark Oak Logs?

And here's all of them side-by-side:

Also is there a way to make those images smaller, in case it slows down people's browsers or just makes the post harder/more annoying to read?

It seems I can't make a poll as a reply... And I didn't want to make this post as a poll because I wasn't sure the images would be attachable/viewable.

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I personally always prefer logs over planks in terms of aesthetics for the exterior of buildings, the new image you posted isn't bad but I would have all the logs face the same way since it looks awkward if it doesn't.

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