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  • Division
  • Offenders In-Game Name
    Garrettb(insert random set of numbers here)
  • Offender's Identity
    Does it matter?
  • Ban Type
    Server Ban
  • Explanation and Evidence

    Comes in discord every couple days about how he has ban evaded several times and can quit hacking anytime he wants to (like a smoker claiming to be able to stop whenever they want). Talks openly about how he makes numerous accounts to hack on and evade and brags about his accounts not getting VAC or otherwise banned (yet). Generally tries to intentionally rile up users and staff with his bragging about it etc.


    Claims he will video him "throwing out his hacks" "if he needs to" and that he "wont use them"


    Honestly he's almost worse than Oscar.

    Garret 1.PNG

    Garret 2.PNG

    Garret 3.PNG

    Garret 4.PNG

@virr @Lithium @Aegean @LeToucan


Can we just banerino all of his current (and future) accounts from disc and be done with it, it's annoying to have him coming back every couple days to talk about how he can evade his bans if he wants to, and false promises to not hack on our servers.

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Hard +1 for the ban.

Became toxic after the ban, constantly mentions he's gonna make his millionth account, continues to say he could ban evade if he wanted to and bragged about his cheats.

The bunny hop ban was also EXTREMELY justified, as he first was claiming that S.M.A.C. made a mistake and after being told that it couldn't happen and I accused him of hyperscroll, he still INSISTED it was a mistake because he claimed he didn't have that kind of mouse, then after being told again it was impossible or near impossible he convinced me he was using hyperscroll and "didn't know it was cheats". Lithium called him out on his ban protest saying that's not how it works and hyperscroll wouldn't even get detected by SMAC, and garrett was finally convicted and banned for bhop scripts. In discord he later admitted to not only bhop scripting but also using aim/vision cheats.

Are we really gonna trust his bullshit? He already tried to bull his way out of the bhop ban. I honestly think he's going to continue to cheat, maybe he'll buy expensive premium cheats since he can afford 70+ accounts with CSGO.

And to think we're gonna let him off easy just because he'll donate $10 and post a picture of himself, covering his face with a piece of paper?

14 minutes ago, Chrono said:

Offender's Identity
Does it matter?

there's too many of them lol I don't blame you

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+1 I hardly "work in the sphere of the cs:go division" but even outside of that, he's caused a horrible mess of arguments with how much he's tried to evade punishment. My only regret is not being the one to make this sooner.

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