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The Smash Ultimate FC Megathread

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I might be making a review of this game in the future, months in the future, in video forum (not here on the forums). But I still really want to give my thoughts on the game so far, quickly.

Overall Gameplay (Main Gameplay, 1v1s, etc): Coming from smash 4, this game is so much for fast paced, every character feels like their strong and have some weight to them. Stocks are often decided with in the first 5-7 interactions. As such, comebacks come often feel great, and don't abuse the dumb rage mechanic. Many characters got much needed overhauls, Link being a great example (I LOVE remote bombs). Stage selection is better than ever.

Spirits (Not finished with adventure mode, but almost there) : Great, spirits are a great way to include every character within Nintendos sights without making an extreme workload (trophies were a waste lol), and are a great way to give stat modifiers more personality. The adventure mode is actually pretty fun in my opinion.

Music : Godly. Period. (Ok seriously, listen to stuff like: Kass's theme, Under this banner, divine bloodlines, etc)

Classic : Amazing, love what they did.

General qol changes were great to.

This game is worth buying a switch for, no questions asked.

Also once again, my FC is SW-1212-4597-5226. DM on discord if your interested in taking me on sometime.

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