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Muji's introduction

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My name is Muji!
I have been playing video games my entire life!
I am the creator of 2DHeroes, and I'm interested in art and plan on continuing to become a better artist as time passes, I love my friends more than anything and I'm always looking for more.

I am very approachable and love to meet people with interests similar to mine , especially other creators.

Things about me:

My aspirations vary but are all just examples of my desire to create, I want to make covers, art of all types of things, I want to continue making youtube videos and streaming.
My favorite musical group is Owl City and I love artists like Hyper Potions, Laura Brehm, and Tristam, lots of EDM and soft stuff
I'm 19 and I'll be attending college soon to be a programmer, technology has always been an interest of mine and I enjoy it a lot 
I love anime and various forms of entertainment but I've never really been into movies 
Feel free to talk to me anytime!

I think you're great. 




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