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Saving For a New PC! Advice?

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So as some of you know, the reason I haven't been in the actual in game servers much, and only on discord and forums, is because my current pc (a laptop btw) is pretty much broken. While it wasn't powerful to begin with, some proper configs and lower graphics settings allowed to run TF2 pretty well, unfortunately, the older it gets, the less it works. I've been thinking about saving for a PC for a while but unfortunately, the holiday season left me pretty short on cash. I'm only like 14, but with Christmas and my Birthday coming up soon, I should get a boost. I also got a job, and cutting out all the stuff I save for college, I make about 35 dollars a month (I work like 2-3 hours a week only lol). Since I'm not a tech textbook I'd really like any recommendations on PC's that are cheep, and are able to run games like Overwatch, GTA5, TF2, etc, smoothly. I'm really not expecting much if any help here, but I figured I should give it a shot, any help is appreciated!


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