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  • Division
    Team Fortress 2
  • In-Game Name
    Naxen [Xg]
  • Identity
  • Position
  • Time Active on Servers
    1 Day and 23 Hours
  • Information

    I have been an active member on the Xg TF2 surf server for a while now. I am familiar with many of the staff and recurring players. I feel that my experience with the specific server in general and my moderation knowledge on other games (Minecraft, CSGO, etc.) Qualifies me for the position. I applied for membership as soon as I could because I love playing on the server and I wanted to be recognized for that. I am a decently skilled player and I love the game. I hope I can show you that I am fair with players, and experienced enough not to be overbearing, but also not be a complete sloth. I really do appreciate your time for reading this application, and I hope that I come into consideration when you are deciding on new staff members.


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Unfortunately, you must have 50 forum posts in order to apply for staff.

Please don't spam; it is still possible to achieve staff by enforcing rules on server and getting noticed by a higherup, regardless of the amount of forum posts you have!


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