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Hire me for free (limited time)

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I'm kinda taking a break from more serious things right now.
And my graphics tablet is getting a little dusty.

If anyone wants a spray, message me here. I'll likely make 2-3 sprays. Maybe more, if people are happy with my work and it's not too ambitious.
Why you want a spray made by me? You have nothing to lose. Worst case scenario, you hate it. No worries, I'll actually try to make you happy.

What you have to do to get a custom spray is the following:

Come up with something interesting:
I accept challenges of vague concepts and strange limitations, but won't guarantee, I'll drop it halfway, if the concept doesn't work.


You have a unique concept in your head, but lack the artistic skills and tools? Now's your chance.
Obviously, if only 2 people sign up for this, I'll make them, no matter how bland the ideas are.
I'll stop accepting new requests after one week. (If this is fun enough, I might extend the time)

Looking forward to your submissions.

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I'm closing the submission, because apparently noone needs animated sprays and custom artwork.
I honestly hoped for at least one submission. Something like "A sun, quickly covered in darkness to reveal an evil laugh and slowly fading back into a normal sun", or "A unicorn shitting a rainbow while running" or even just "a bomb exploding, revealing the letters xG".

Is it because of my bad reputation here, or because noone plays TF2 or CS anymore?
Maybe I should have gone for custom animated avatars?
Guess, I'll have to go back to making games.

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