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    guys Please give me moderator. I am fucking crying right now as it has been 6 years and I still have not received the position of moderator. You know what the does to a man? It's been driving me crazy for 6 fucking years. Please god please promote me or I am going to spend another sleepless night crying over the fact I cannot be the ingame-lawman on ba_hopjb or goldenrod trade. I will literally give my liver for such a prestigious position. Please god please I'm so alone I have been divorced for 4 years and my wife Stephanie has taken all custody away from me. The only sense of power I will ever feel in life is such a prestigious title on the XG xenogamers servers. God please you know how expensive alimony is? If you think i should be mod please upvote this post and thank you gamers


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Guys come on its been 6 years have mercy, he has been waiting for this and actually its his birthday even though he didnt mention it so please give him a chance all of his friends and family are worried sick (except his ex wife) i was a dm once he has my full support +1 +5 +10 +8

Admin: 10/10

Moderator: 10/10

@Nomulous please accept and close thread ty

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