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The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim

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Game Name: Skyrim

Platform: PC

Time Spent: 10 Hours

Recommendation: Y

Game Rate: 8/10

Initial Thoughts: 

Skyrim is a free roamer and is VERY open, you don't even need to do the main story-line, and you can just go off and level up, find secrets, etc.

But the big thing in Skyrim, is of course, the Dragons, without it you're just, a Bandit, you cannot do anything until you do part of the story line, 

you need to complete at least half of the story line before Dragons will start roaming around trying to kill you, and this is on the Quest where you go 

to try to find out who is resurrecting the Dragons.


You pick a race at the start, and just, well go. It doesn't stop you, it only blocks one type of gameplay mechanic which I stated in my initial thoughts.


Story: Skyrim has a very small storyline , and its very easy to get bored of it, this is why its a free roamer, you can strive to complete the Main Quest Line, or wander and suddenly meet up with it

in a later date. Its all about you, this game is based off your choices, what you do will affect you in the game.


Backstory: Well, we don't know any of the characters backstory's, but we do hear where we came from.


Pros: In Skyrim, random Side Quests can start which adds extra spice to the game.

         -Skyrim is a free roamer, and you can do whatever you want in the game.

Cons: -Skyrim is very buggy, and can in a rare case, corrupt your level 50 Character.( I'm not saying it needs to be level 50, it can just corrupt any file you have.)

             -A very big con, is leveling up, especially with Magic Skills like conjuration 


Final Thoughts: Skyrim is a very good game, and everyone should know about it and play it. It might be an old game, but a lot of people found out about Bethesda by Skyrim. So anyone reading this who doesn't know what Skyrim is, its a very good game and I hope you all will play it and see how wonderful it can be 🙂!!!


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On 1/22/2019 at 11:20 PM, Segal said:

I have never played Skyrim but I have heard great things about. I might try it out.

You definitely should. It's amazing but overhyped at this point despite it being one of the better games of all time (if you're a die hard Elder Scrolls fan it's probably Oblivion but that's fine). I had a lot of fun playing Skyrim and I'm usually not one for single-player games but I've been trying to get into them lately since I'm nearly at the end of Fable 1

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