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WarioX2 - Counter-Strike

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    xG Wario
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    300+ hours
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    Hey its me Wario, my other account on this site is literally Wario and I used to be a moderator for xG back when I played constantly. However I took a break and have recently come back on a fresh account and was hoping to get back my membership or my moderator position. I know the game well and know the rules still as I was a long time player been around since August 2015 when I first created my old account. Basically I was looking to come back to the servers and be apart of the community again but I noticed that there are issues on the server that could be dealt with if I had my old job back like toxic players and such. I want to help make the servers clean and basically just promote us as much as possible.

@Owl @Aegean @virr I hope you guys remember me still 😎

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1 minute ago, Aegean said:

I never had problems with ya, I don't know how active you currently are but regardless I'm definitely a +1

I've been playing a lot recently trying to get back into the game now that college has become less stressful, appreciate the +1

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Just now, ScottNi said:

Correct me if I am wrong but he never lost member? Anyways +1 was chill on minigames

Never did lose member on the other account but since I am starting fresh on this one I figured I would make a new xG account so it could be linked to my profile


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You never actually left, so accepted I guess? 


If you're able to get back into your other account I would suggest doing that, otherwise welcome back!


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