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Maybe a proper introduction?

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Greetings, It's me, Potato!

Anyways, I thought I should actually do a proper (re)introduction since the last time I was active was around 2014-2015. I then disappeared until late 2018. I was mainly a TF2 player back then though now I'm more of a CS:GO player even if I'm still a part of the TF2 Division. The only people I remember that still seem to be active in xG are Virr, Lithium, Caleb, and Pepper. Though sadly only Virr and Caleb remember me still. 

I go by either Potato The Chinese or Kelvin Koolidge now. Though ignore my forum username, it's a pretty old name I used to go by as well. Most people from 2015 would probably remember me as Chance or ChancePotatoes. I tend to play CS:GO and War Thunder as of recent times. Though I dabble and play many other games: such as Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch, Hearts of Iron 4, Stellaris, Stick Fight, Men Of War Assault Squad 2, Grand Theft Auto V, and the Forest. I'm just starting to get into the MOBA, League of Legends. Hit me up you ever just wanna play.

I'm 17 years old, currently a Senior at Highschool, and 100% Chinese. I personally don't think I'm toxic but that's just my pride talking. I'm aware that during CSGO matches I tend to get tilted at times moreso at myself and nitpick small mistakes of others. That of which i apologize for. I try to mean well and do well but of course, as a human being as flawed as I am, I fail. I love making jokes and fooling around though with friends, and I'm here at xG to makes friends since I seem to lack friends. 

I also tend to be easily stressed out and worried, thus resulting in my quick sorry if I think I did wrong to someone. So to end off with, just tell me if you have issues with me. I hope we could reasonably sort it out. Drama isn't fun.

Thanks for reading. 


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12 hours ago, PotatoDoc said:

I got EU4 too, you wanna teach me how to play it?

I'm missing most of the dlc, so im probably not much help.

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