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    Garrys Mod (Segal)
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    xG Pistachio
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    a lot, probably
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    I was hesistant to make this at first because I know it's going to be controversial, but I know that the Gmod higherups already know I've been interested in this server since it was announced.

    Firstly, I love TTT. I used to spam lithium all the time to add a TTT server to CSGO but now we have one on Gmod so I don't care too much about a CSGO one anymore. I'm ususally the one to get population on the servers and to round up a bunch of people to start playing so we can force population for a while until we can get a steady number of randoms to like the server and join it more. I was given temporary mod when Segal had to go get dinner and JohnGalt42 was joining, and not really much happened there anyways but I was able to quickly understand how the admin menu works. I usually stay on even when all the others leave and it's just randoms on or even if there are only like 3 players on.

    Secondly, I'm currently an admin on the CSGO division and have been in this position for close to a year now. I know that my position has been fairly controversial but honestly it seems more that people just hate me for the "danny bad" meme and because "haha badmin danny xd" (it's kind of like the ScottNi case where people constantly make fun of him for a mistake he made in the past and because it makes them feel like "good staff members" when compared to him). I am fully capable of moderating a server and I believe I could handle moderating the TTT server since I have the experience.

    also pls give us ttt squad role

  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.

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+1 for gmod mod and +1 for demotiong to mod in csgo ur not bad staff but sometimes you lack maturity. You also dont understand the concept of loopholing and why it isnt allowed. But you enforce rules fairly from what i've seen of you.

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