Teamspeak Rules

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Welcome to the rules for Teamspeak! Here is a list of guidelines that you must follow in order to not be banned from our Teamspeak server!

1 Server Rules

  • Spamming in any form is not tolerated, and can result in a kick or ban. This includes:
    • Mic Spam - includes but not limited to: music, soundboards, screaming into your mic, holding down the talk button, and talking over others in an effort to deny them the ability to speak
    • Chat Spam - spamming messages in the chat repeatedly
    • Channel Spam - switching channels in quick succession
  • No pronographic, gore, racist, or offensive avatars or channel images are allowed. If you question whether an image violates this rule, ask a staff member.
  • Do not disrespect, harass, troll, or otherwise bother other Teamspeak users. (We all understand that the internet may not be the nicest place, but that doesn't give you reason to be rude to others. Use common sense and be respectful and you will have no problems.)
This list of rules may not be all inclusive. If in doubt, don’t do or say it.

1.1 General Channels

The General Channels are at the top of the Teamspeak server, and are free to use for anyone. They have player limits and can be used by those who wish to have a private channel, but have not donated for one. We ask that you do not sit in these channels if you are not planning to use them.
  • If people are using a channel, do not join without asking or being invited in.
  • Do not join a general channel to take someone else's spot. This will result in a ban.

1.2 Gaming Channels

The Gaming Channels section is located under the General Channels and above the Community Channels.
These channels exist for people who are playing the game or gamemode listed in the channel. If you are not playing the game listed, you may be asked to leave the channel or kicked from it.
If you need help in these channels, contact a staff member.

1.3 Community-Owned / Personal Channels

Community Channels can be found beneath the game specific channels. You can get your own personal channel by donating $25 here.
  • Before joining a community channel, check the blacklist. Breaking the blacklist can result in kicks or bans from the server.
  • Channel owners can add their own rules for their channels, however they cannot override server rules. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not break channel-specific rules, or you may face a kick or ban.
  • It is the channel owner's responsibility to ensure that the channel and its contents do not violate any server rules.
  • If your channel contains anything that can crash other's TS3 clients (such as many large .gifs or other images), it may be edited or removed without notice.
  • Channel admins can use their own discretion when issuing mutes/kicks from their own channel, however anything that is considered harassment will not be tolerated.
  • Channel owners have a limit of 4 sub-channels total for their parent channel. Sub-channels of sub-channels are included in the limit and any sub-channels beyond the limit can be deleted upon the staff's decision.

2 Staff

We ask that staff give either a warning in the form of a kick or a verbal warning before issuing bans, but we trust our staff to make the best judgement on whether this is necessary or not.
Whether or not it is a private channel, it is expected that powers are not abused. You can have powers or your channel removed for continuous abuse of powers.

3 Community Channels And Their Owners

Channel - Owner

TopJuan - SnowyMinion
#TeamInstinct - Chrono
Ernie and fwens hangout and fudge - Ernie
Cam 4 Lyfe - Bleed
The Perfect Storm of Autism - Dethman
Bach's Reich of #Chronosmells GOOD - Bach
Narukami's Loli- and Siscon Dungeon - Narukami
The Yoroyuza Party - Izanagi
crippling depression channel - hexx
this is a bones channel - DeoDate
XenoGamers Meeting Room - Aegean
Rhododendrons Channel #934099 - Rhododendron
Egossi's Channel #3100149 - Egossi
VACINSAN && OPEN DOOR!!!! - Vacindak