TF2 [xG] Trading Server Guide

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This guide provides information about commands, maps and donation perks at [xG] Pokemon Trade Center and [xG] Trade Gaming History.

Up-to-Date as of 3/16/17



Welcome to the Xeno Gamers Trading Servers!

This guide contains information about our current maps in rotation, commands that you can use, and information about some of our donator perks.
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask!

Don’t forget to check out the MOTD for our server rules!
TF2 General MOTD

Maps in Rotation

Pokemon Trade Center

pkmn_ecruteakcity_v4f | pkmn_goldenrodcity_b3
trade_goldenrodcity_v1b | trade_enjucity_a1

Trade Gaming History

trade_jollyrogerbay_v3 | dm_boostertower_v2 | trade_clickclockwood_kz1 | rusty_bucket_bay | trade_clocktown_b2a | dm_mariokart3_v1
Trade_Minecraft_Realms_Final | cyberpunk_2_2 | trade_mumbos_mountain_v2 | trade_delfino_airstrip_b3 | trade_smsdelfinoplaza_a3 trade_scp | trade_freezeezypeak_b1 | trade_hyrulecastle | trade_windfallisland_final | trade_rainbow_palace_v1a | halo_bloodgulch trade_inkopolis | trade_echidna_shrine | trade_3d_land_v3 | cp_marioblast_2011 | koth_aperture_science_iiia | koth_aquaticruin_final
cp_kakariko_a3 | koth_megaman6_b5 | portal_neurotoxin_s7 | trade_duketown_v1 | koth_goldeneye_temple_a1 | morbias_2013_b1
trade_speed_highway_v1 | trade_hazy_maze_cave

Server Statistics

Pokemon Trade Center

Player-Count Stats
Map Stats

Trade Gaming History

Player-Count Stats

Map Stats


The next sections you will find some information about the commands that you are able to use in our Trade Servers.

Rock the Vote

What is Rock the Vote?

Rock the Vote is a plugin that allows you to vote for a map change, Once the required number of Rock the Votes have been done... a list with the other maps appears, you can choose the map you would like to have run next, however it is a vote, so of course the map with the most votes will be chosen. To use this command, type !rtv or rtv.

The !rtv command doesn't work for the first 1/3 of the map's running time.

Call Admin

What is Call Admin?

Someone breaking the rules? Use !calladmin and select the player's name you are reporting and the reason why you are reporting them.


Abuse of the !calladmin command (ie. false reporting) will result in a minimum of a day ban.

Roll the Dice

What is Roll the Dice?

Roll the Dice is a plugin that when a player types !rtd "or rtd", it puts an effect on the roller for 20 seconds. The effects are either good or bad, and in some cases could be both.
You can only Roll the Dice every 120+ Seconds.


Good Effects:
  • godmode - Invulnerability to bullets, falling, and map traps.
  • toxic - Your horrible breath kills anyone near you.
  • lucky sandvich - An instant health boost and the next shot will be a crit. Good luck!
  • faster speed - You get a temporary speed boost.
  • noclip - You are able to fly through walls, attack from the sky, mess with the other team for the duration of the roll.
  • low gravity - Your gravity is lowered and you can jump higher to reach spots to attack from.
  • unlimited uber - You are set into uber mode for the duration of the roll.
  • invisibility - You are completely invisible for the duration of the roll.
  • cloak - Your spy watch won't run out for the duration of this effect.
  • crits - Every attack you draw is a crit for the duration of the roll.
  • infinite ammo - Your ammo supply is infinite for the duration of the roll.
  • scary bullets - Any players you hurt become scared like tiny babies.
  • instant sentry - Point at a spot and call for a medic to spawn a sentry. Sentry goes away after the effect has ended.
  • homing projectiles - Rockets/arrows/flares will fly at enemies to save the bother the aiming.
  • instant charge - Your sniper rifle and bow charge up instantly.
  • dispenser pop-up - Point at a spot and call for a medic to spawn a level 3 dispenser. Stays after the effect has ended.

Bad Effects:
  • explode - You are immediately exploded where you stand.
  • snail - Your move speed is slowed. Might win in a race against a cozy camper sniper.
  • frozen - All movement is frozen and you become an ice sculpture.
  • timebomb - You have 10 seconds to live. Run towards the other team to deal damage when you die.
  • spontaneous combustion - You are ignited in flames.
  • low health - Your health is reduced to 1HP
  • drugged - Flashes of color and tilted vision overtake your screen to distract you.
  • blind - Your view is obscured completely for the duration of the roll.
  • stripped to melee - You lose your primary and secondary weapons.
  • beacon - An energy ring and pinging sound let the enemy know where you are.
  • taunt - You are forced to taunt for the duration of the roll.
  • nostalgia - Your screen gets a black and white overlay.
  • earthquake - A rumble shakes your screen and affects those around you.
  • funny feeling - Your FOV is increased majorly.
  • mystery sauce - You are covered in jarate and milk and bleeding out.


What is Friendly?

Friendly Mode is a command that you can use to make you invulnerable to attacks. You should use this if you want to roam the map without being killed or you simply don't want to deal with spawn campers. In friendly mode you do not receive or deal damage to yourself and/or anyone. Your character is half transparent to let players know that you are in that mode.

To use the Friendly Mode command, type !friendly.

When you are in friendly mode, you may not:

  • block players shots/attacks
  • annoy players
  • body-block
  • disturb gameplay for anyone in any way, shape or form


What is Rank?

Curious about your stats (session and overall)?

Type !rank to see some of the following stats:
  • Position
  • Kills and Deaths [K/D Ratio]
  • Frags
  • Headshots
  • Kill Assists
  • Time in Server


What is Next?
The next command can be activated simply by typing next, !next or /next.
It shows you your current position in the server, and how many points more other players have than you.

For more stat information, look for your statistics profile at

Donator Perks

The next sections explain what commands come with the tier of donation made.

Donator Tier Prices

Basic : $12.50
Upgraded : $20.00
Super : $37.50
Uber : $50.00

Please Note: This is a one-time purchase; we do not have subscriptions. If you wish to upgrade your tier, you only have to pay the difference. For example, if you want to upgrade to Upgraded from Basic, you would only pay 7.50 USD. Please be sure that you add our division leaders on steam, or message them on the forums, and provide them with a receipt so they can verify your donator. If you are upgrading, you need to provide the original receipt and the new receipt.

[xG:DL] Bello : Steam Community :: [xG:DL] Bello
[xG:DL] Rejects: Steam Community :: [xG:DL] Rejects

The donator system/threads were last updated on: January 31th, 2016. - We no longer accept keys as payment. All donations must be made through the Donation Tab (PayPal).

Donator Commands

Basic Donator Commands:

!colorme (Used to change your color.)
!rocketme (Launches you in the air, like a rocket.)
!nofallme (Turn on or off fall damage)
!stunme (Stuns yourself)
!gtstunme (Same as above, but as if you were spooked)
!bonkme (Stuns as if hit by Sandman)
!buildinghats (Toggles hats on Engy buildings)
!rerollhat (Allows you to roll for different Engy building hats. 30 second cooldown)

Upgraded Donator Commands:

!ks (Activates Killstreak effects)
!eviltrailme (Fire and Smoke trail)
!skeleton (Sniper only)
!robot (Turns you into a robot)
!resizehead (Changes the size of your head)
!resizeme (Changes your whole size)
!resizeresetme (Resets any resize changes)

Super Donator Commands:

!vote (Toggles a vote in the servers. Necessary for spawning and becoming bosses)
!unusual (Unusual effects on weapons)
!raffle (Activate a raffle)
!raffle_assign (Add someone to the raffle)
!raffle_remove (Remove someone from the raffle)
!raffle_cancel (Cancel the raffle)
!raffle_list (List everyone in current raffle)
!spawnboss (Spawns bosses)
!slayboss (Slays the boss)
!resizemyhands (Resizes your hands)
!resizemytorso (Resizes your torso)
!betheghost (Be a ghost)
!shield (Medic shield)
!tauntem (Taunt with any taunt)
!tauntem_list (Lists the available taunts)

Uber Donator Commands:

!noclip (Toggles noclip)
!makemegift (Turns you into a present)
!fakegift (Fake present)
!bemerasmus (Turns you into Merasmus)
!behhh (Turns you into HHH)
!hsay (Server Message)
!tsay (Server Message)
!msay (Server Message)
!csay (Server Message)
!buildinghateffect (Choose an unusual effect for your Engy buildings)

Please follow the rules that are in place for these commands, as they can be revoked without refund!

Guide Credits

[xG:M] TheSupremePatriot - Guide Creation
[xG] Scootaloo - Donation Information
[xG] Ohstopyou - Donator Command Information

Websites :
AlliedMods | Roll the Dice