How 2 Properly Use Capitalism (Tutorial to Credits)

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This guide explains how to get rich quick in just 3 simple steps! Follow Zogu's path and buy yourself your own teamspeak branch in just a few months!

Using the Bank

Hello everyone!
This guide will show you how to properly use capitalism at your own advantage, using the oh, so wonderful forum bank!
First of, the bank might be pretty difficult to find if you're new to XenoGamers. So here are some pictures to guide you.
This is the main page. I made the credits clear. Now, you want to store this divine product of your hard work (playing video games), don't you? Nothing more simple. Click on the hub, and select "Bank".
There you go! Now your precious leks are safe from any malicious robbers!

Converting your useless in-game credits to useful forum credits

Here comes the part of "getting rich quick". If you have played on the xG servers for a while without having a forum account created, chances are you have earned a LOT of credits over the past days, weeks or months. Now, what you want to do is the following :
1. Click on this glorious symbol of power :
2. You will arrive at a confusing page, with a lot of tabs and a lot of numbers. You want to click Transfer.
You will arrive to the glorious page which will be your main source of income. You need to click the indicated buttons, or else you might end up giving away your precious credits to somebody else.
Unfortunately, you will only be able to get 50% of your in-game credits converted to forum credits. No one is sure where the other 50% goes, though it is rumoured that it goes straight to the supreme overlord of capitalism.

Donating Items

Rich in a game in which xG has a server? Or just want to get rid of your useless/common items in exchange for sweet credits? Look no further! Xenogamers has the perfect solution to your overload of crates in Team Fortress 2 or Counter-Strike. Just donate items!
Under the same Credits panel, click "Donate Items".
Afterwards, click "click here to trade with this bot!". I am pretty sure that I don't have to guide you at this point ; If you have problems making a steam trade, you can always ask me, but I would recommend going on steam guides.
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