Morbus MOTD

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The MOTD of the Morbus Server containing all of the rules and information the players need.

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We're always looking for experienced moderators. For more information add ᵡᴳḽᴰ::Vertex on steam.
Feedback from the Morbus community is highly valued and can be posted on our forums.
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General Rules

1. Do not RDM (randomly shoot people)
2. Do not Meta-Game or Ghost
3. Do not delay rounds as Brood
4. Do not mic or chat spam

5. Do not impersonate server staff.
7. Do not cross-server advertise or recruit
8. Do not spray anything inappropriate

i) No pronography, genitalia's, body fluids etc.
9. Treat other players on the server with respect
10. Harassment or discrimination is not acceptable.
11. Hacking will result in a permanent ban.
12. Moderators have the final word and decisions are final.


What constitutes RDM on our server:
1. Killing or harming your teammates without probable cause.
2. Using the Death Traps / Map Triggers to kill teammates.
3. Claiming a room / area of the map and shooting whoever enters.
4. Revenge RDMing. (Killing your RDMer on future rounds)
5. Goomba Stomping and Prop Killing teammates.

What is not an RDM

1. Killing a disguised Brood who has been attacked by an alien but not taken any damage.
2. Witnessing every player complete an objective and killing the Brood(s) that way (e.g. 5 players on the server and you see 4 complete an objective, so you kill the 5th player because you've concluded that he is a Brood by witnessing all other players complete an objective).
3. Killing a brood who you have been following for 5 minutes and has not completed an objective.
4. Killing someone who is physically blocking you from entering/exiting an area. (Players who are blocking should be sent 1 warning over OOC and 1 warning over mic. or Local Chat by YOU before being killed).

5. Defending yourself against an RDMer. You may give the person a chance to explain why they attacked you, but you may not forgive them and then hunt them down later in the round.