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A helpful guide for the newer people on the forums.


Applications | Xeno Gamers

Clicking the link above gives you 6 options. Read the link on the right of the option before starting any application.
For details on gathering evidence, click on this link How-to: Gathering Evidence
If you do not get your ban protest accepted, click on this link Want To Get Unbanned?


Our staff roster can be found here Xenogamers Staff Roster

We have many different roles in xG beyond Membership.
  • M = Moderator - This rank is for the people who are trying out to become admins in our community. They have powers in a designated division of their choice to help maintain that rules are being followed.
  • A = Administrator - A proven moderator with a good history becomes an administrator. Gets several more commands than moderators have depending on the division, and is someone to help mentor new moderators on the servers. Their final call is given priority over moderators if there is a dispute.
  • DM = Division Manager - Helps run the division outside the servers. While watching over the servers like moderators and admins do, they must also control the forums and teamspeak. Division managers decide if a person should be unbanned, promoted, demoted, etc. Has all the commands admins do and a few additional commands depending on the division.
  • DL = Division Leader - One of the more important positions of a division. A division leader does exactly what a division manager does, but has one main difference between each other. Division leaders have access to the servers. That means they can fix the servers, add plugins to the servers and do what they please to them.
  • CM = Community Manager - This rank is higher than any division-specific rank. Typically, CM's will also have all the powers of a Division Leader, but are also involved in clan-wide decisions and changes, while also having access to multiple divisions if they so wish.
  • CL = Co-leader - This is the highest rank in the clan, and are tasked with the management of the entire clan.


Instead of putting issues about our servers into the general section on the forums, we have designated areas where you should be taking your posts. If there is an exploit that you wish to not share in public, please message the higher-ups (Division Manager +) via forums or steam.

Shoutbox / General Section


Shoutbox is an open chat room on the top of forums, for people to discuss about anything they so wish. We do have a few rules about shoutbox, and that is aside from spamming, no advertising (to a certain extent, if you are streaming you may post your stream link but if it becomes excessive we will remove your privilege) and no serious arguments or discussion about politics/religion allowed.

General Section
There's always a lot of questions about what you can and can't post in General. If you find that your topic does not fit into any of the sections that we have available on the forums, or the post is broad enough that it might cover more than one section, than you can post it in General. Memes, fudgeposts etc are fine time to time, but please do not spam posts anywhere on the forums just for the sake of getting your post count up or you can get your posts deleted and worst case you may get banned.
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