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This is a complete list of all the badges we have available, and how to earn them. Gifs displayed here are lower quality then they actually are on the forums!

Event Badges

This is a list of badges that are only available during a specific event. Events may be repeated in the future but not guaranteed!

[​IMG] [Town of Salem Survivor] - Won a game during Town of Salem Event Night!
[​IMG] [HG Champion] - Minecraft Hunger Games Event Champion!
[​IMG] [All Nighter 1/12/2017] - This badge is for the brave souls that stayed up the whole night of 1/12/2017.

Reward Badges

This is a list of badges that can only be earned by meeting the criteria.
[​IMG] [xG Official Cevo Player] - Sponsored player for the xG Cevo Team.
[​IMG] [The Reviewer] - This user writes such quality reviews that they are highlighted and will be featured on xG's Curator Page.
[​IMG] [GiftR] - This user has provided the prize of an xG official giveaway, OR has given their prize to another xG member!
[​IMG] [Facebook SOTM Winner] - A winner (or host) of our monthly Facebook Screenshot of the Month contest!

Misc Badges

These badges have a simple condition to unlocking them.

[​IMG] [
MoneyBagsMcgee] : Costs 50000 credits (Via Hub) You hang out with the hottest dudes and wear the freshest clothes!
[​IMG] [Hump] : Costs 5000 credits (Via Hub) Air humps are easy and everyone can do it!
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