Surf Code Index

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Surf code index


Surf code index is a catalog about Surf Maps ,There are ,surf maps , codes , secret areas and more

If you want to know more about Surf Maps , read this guide

This guide doesn´t show you how to surf

if you can´t find your favorite Surf map here , Please tell me

Especial thanks to
* Rhododendron
* TheSupremePatriot
* Mr.Nutty

1 PART I : About Surf maps design


Tier 0:It is all surf arena , doesn´t have jail ,Great for beginners
Tier 1:Very easy
Tier 2:easy
Tier 3:intermediate
Tier 4: Hard
Tier 5: skilled
Tier 6: godlike


Surf Linear : There is a jail and you need beat the map to get Powers , orb and good places to kill

Surf Arena : There isn't a jail nor an end, you need to use your Surf skills to survive

Surf Bilinear :This is the most rare Surf maps ..Surf Arena + Surf linear = Surf bilinear

Skill Surf : It´s a Linear map But There isn´t a jail , You need to be good in surf , cuz those maps are tier 5 -6

Skill Surf Prelax : is similar to Skill Surf , but those Maps are Tier 1-3


Class 1 : Nice jail with exit or exit buttons, Solid Ramps and nice design walls and Skybox

Class 2 :Good Jail with exit or exit buttons , Solid Ramps and nice design walls and skybox

Class 3 : regular jail , with exit or exit buttons, Quasi Solid Ramps and normal walls with or without Skybox

Class 4 : Regular jail With or Without exit ,Quasi Solid Ramps or Chop Ramps and Normal walls

Class 5 : Bad jail , with or without exit, chop Ramps without walls and gray skybox


  1. Surf_year3000 / Linear/Class 5 /Tier 1/By ArchAngel
  2. Surf_Akai_final/Linear /Class4 /Tier 1/By Akai
  3. Surf_Thriller/Linear /Class 5 / Tier 1/By BuckNasty
  4. Surf_toast_redone /Linear/Class 4 /Tier 1/By toast , recreated By Ryan_s
  5. Surf_Congo_black / Linear/Class 4/Tier 1/By WES DT
  6. Surf_mesa_tf /Skill Surf prelax/Class 1 /Tier 1/By Arblarg /LMA Collection
  7. Surf_10x_reloaded/ Bilinear/Class 5/Tier 1/By Wof
  8. Surf_legends/Linear/class 4/Tier 2/By SintaxError
  9. Surf_Crazy_frog/Linear /Class 3 /Tier 2/By Egan
  10. Surf_Utopia_v3 /Linear/Class 1 /Tier 2/By Panzerhandchuh/Panzer´s collection
  11. Surf_Horizon /Linear/Class 3/Tier 2/By Kompile / Meat boy Collection
  12. Surf_Minuet /Linear/Class 3 /Tier 2/By gosh darnit Nappa/Zelda´s collection
  13. Surf_Pepermint /Linear/Class 2 / Tier 2/By Mr. Pepermint
  14. Surf_Overcast/Bilinear/Class 1/Tier 2/By Egan /Old school Surf collection
  15. Surf_meister_V3_Final2/Linear /Class 3/Tier 2/By VVeltmeister
  16. Surf_Reanimation/Linear /Class 1 /Tier 2/By gosh darnit Nappa/Necrofuture collection
  17. Surf_monsterween /Linear/Class 1 /Tier 2/By Egan /Punpkin collection
  18. Surf_Frictional/Arena/Class 1/Tier 0/By Felix
  19. Surf_revolution /Arena/Class 2/Tier 0/By Panzerhandchuh /Panzer´s collection
  20. Surf_Snow_Arena /Arena/Class 1 /Tier 0/By Panzerhandchuh/ Panzer´s collection
  21. Surf_Air_Arena/Arena /Class 1 /Tier 0/By Panzerhandchuh/ Panzer´s collection
  22. Surf_Entrance/Arena /Class 1/Tier 0/By Egan / Old school surf collection
  23. Surf_llullaby /Linear/Class 2/Tier 3/By gosh darnit Nappa /Zelda´s collection
  24. Surf_prelude /Linear/Class 2/Tier 3/By gosh darnit Nappa /Necrofuture collection
  25. Surf_Telstar /Linear/Class 1/Tier 3/By Kompile / Meat boy collection
  26. Surf_Rebound /Linear/Class 2/Tier 3/By Kompile /Meat boy collection
  27. Surf_Graphia/Linear/Class 2/Tier 4/By Target_Practice
  28. Surf_Rainbow/Linear /Class 3/Tier 4/By Xenophenous
  29. Surf_Tensile/Linear /Class 1/ Tier 4/ By Dialready / AbStRaCt collection
  30. Surf_Blackout /Linear/Class 2/Tier 4/By gosh darnit Nappa / Necrofuture Collections
  31. Surf_lament /Linear/Class 2/Tier 4/By gosh darnit Nappa /Zelda´s collections
  32. Surf_Halloween/Linear /Class 3/Tier 4/By Egan /Punpkin collection
  33. Surf_Torrent/Linear /Class 3/Tier 4/By Egan
  34. surf_twilight /Linear/Class 2/Tier 4/By gosh darnit Nappa /Necrofuture collection