How to Find Chatlogs

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You get a calladmin report or someone is messaging you. The report states that someone has been constantly spamming, trolling, and disrespected people. You join the server and no one has any proof other than them saying "He was spamming!" Are you flustered as what to do? Well don't fear! We've all been through the same issue! In this guide I will show you how to get the chatlogs you need to fulfill the report!
Written by: @BelloWaldi
Contributing source: @Forest
Overhauled by: @Goblins

1 The solution is!

We all know, there's Bans.Xenogamers.Com which provides us with detailed information about the server population and bans including their time, reason etc.
But as many of you do not know, we do have another website called
What is It provides you detailed information about the server population, players and their characteristics such as their STEAM ID, their connecting time and even their favorite weapon!

2 Fine, now let's find chat logs!

Let's focus on the actual topic! In order to get people's chat logs you must follow these simple and easy steps.
Open your browser!
Whether you are using Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. You will have to visit
You will find a serverlist looking just like this:

2.1 Finding chat logs by a person's name:

Case #1
You get called onto our Team Fortress 2 Pokemon Trade Center whether by the calladmin-bot or just by one of your steam-friends and they're saying someone spammed. No one has any proof other than them saying "He was spamming!".
Let's say our offender is @Goblins, whose ingame name "Goblin" is. Now it's your time to shine! Find out, whether he was truly spamming or not!
Left click the "Players-"Button:
You will be directed to this page:
Now that we know our offender's name is Goblin, we'll just search for his player-profile.
In order to do that, you will need to type in his name and then left-click the "Search-Players" button.

2.2 Click on the Chat tab marked under the Sections

Click on the Chat tab marked under the Sections.
You will be directed to a page; the page will look like this:
And there we go! Our first case is solved.
@Goblins did not spam, therefore he did not break any rules.

2.3 Finding chat logs by a person's STEAM ID

For our second case I am going to use my own profile.
You are getting called onto our Poketrade server. The offender already left, however the reporter managed to get his/her steam ID, in this case: STEAM_0:0:44691629
Take down the offenders STEAM ID.
Follow steps 1 through 2.1 from above.
Now, instead of entering someone's name you will put their STEAM ID into the search bar and proceed to click search player:
You will be going through the same process: Click on the Player's name
Click on Chat located below their Statistics Summary and here we go:
Bello was not spamming.

3 Now, what to do with these random chatlogs?

As @Forest said:
Make your way to wherever you saved your screenshot and then simply attach the screenshot(s) you took to your post -or- copy and paste the link to the player's chat log page.
Be sure to include at what time the incident occurred for convenience!