Morbus Admin Handbook

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This is a guideline for all Morbus staff to follow while on the server. This contains all punishments and many definitions of incidents that you may encounter. It also teaches you how to go about dealing with players and how to effectively communicate with other staff members on the server.

Things to Note / Getting Started

Read the !motd found here: Morbus MOTD
Read my guide on using commands: Morbus Commands for Staff
Read my guide on reading the end round logs: How to read Morbus RDM Logs
Sourcebans: Xeno Gamers
Contact @DoctorGringo or @Stickz for additional questions.

This is the guideline to follow when dealing with players on the server. However, if you ever feel that someone deserves a harsher or lighter sentence, or, for example, that in a certain circumstance someone should instead be warned + slayed on their first offense instead of warned, feel free. We understand that different situations can call for different actions.

Explanation of Format:
1st Offence: Action to take the first time someone breaks a rule
2nd Offence: Action to take the second time someone breaks a rule
Ban Reason: What to put as the “Reason” when you are going to ban someone.


RDM is when a player intentionally kills their teammates without probable cause.

1-2 RDM’s in a single round.
1st Offence: Warn
2nd Offence: Warn + Slay
3rd Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: RDM

2+ players RDM another player(s).
Punish all players equally.
1st Offence: Warn
2nd Offence: Warn + Slay
3rd Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: RDM

3 RDM’s in a single round is considered Mass RDM.
1st Offence: 1 month ban (If they also damaged someone on top of the 3 RDM’s, ban them for 3 months)
Ban Reason: Mass RDM

4+ RDM’s in a single round is considered Intentional Mass RDM
1st Offence: 3 month ban
Ban Reason: Intentional Mass RDM

2 RDM’s + at least 1 attempted RDM in a single round is considered Semi Mass or Attempted Mass RDM.
1st Offence: 1 week ban
Ban Reason: Semi Mass RDM OR Attempted Mass RDM

2+ Grenade kills in a single round.
1st Offence: Warn + Slay
2nd RDM Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: RDM with grenades

Swarm Fragging is when a player throws a grenade and slays himself before it explodes, infecting those who it kills to farm swarm points or to fool the RDM logs.
1st Offence: Warn + Slay
2nd RDM Offence: Ban for 3 days

Consensual RDM, Suicide Pacts, friends messing around that involves RDM, etc.
1st Offence: Disregard it but let them know over private chat that it is against the rules
2nd Offence: Warn
3rd Offence: Warn + Slay
4th Offence: 1 day ban
Ban Reason: Consensual RDM

An RDM Chain is when 1 player RDM’s / shoots another, and then it starts a series of other RDM’s out of confusion. (For an example, read Situation 5: Chain RDM in How to read Morbus RDM Logs)

If an RDM Chain occurs, only punish the person who started the RDM chain, the other player’s RDM’s are to be seen as honest mistakes. Punish them as if it were an RDM.

What constitutes RDM:
-Killing a Brood in Human form without proof.
-Broods killing other aliens.
-Claiming a room or area of the map and shooting whoever enters.
-Killing someone for turning off the Lights. (If they are flickering the lights and are killed, that is NOT RDM.)
-Killing on suspicion. (E.g. killing for having a crowbar out, not having a weapon, being partnered/grouped with a Brood in human form, following someone or being close to them, etc.)
-Intentionally Goomba Stomping (falling onto your teammates and killing them) and Prop Killing.
-Getting Revenge on an RDMer on future rounds. (We treat this like a regular RDM)

What isn’t RDM:
-Players defending themselves or others against RDMers.
-Players reacting to an RDM (See Situation 5: Chain RDM in How to read Morbus RDM Logs)
-Killing a Brood who someone has been following for 5 minutes and hasn’t lost health from not completing their objective.
-Killing a disguised Brood who has been attacked by an alien but not taken any damage.
-Marking all of the players who complete objectives and finding out who the Brood is. (e.g. 5 players on the server and you see 4 complete an objective, so you kill the 5th player because you’ve concluded that he is the Brood by witnessing all other players complete an objective)

Abusing Map Triggers / Traps

Abusing Map Triggers / Traps is when a player triggers a trap (e.g. lasers on Spaceship, airlock on Installation, etc.) and intentionally kills their teammates.
1st Offence: Slay + Warn
2nd Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: Abusing Map Triggers

Flickering the lights on and off.
Warn + Slay


Minor Meta-Gaming includes forcing players to read their role hints, forcing players to hit each other to see if they are Brood, hitting other players to show that they are not a Brood, and players acting off of information received from Meta-Gamers (Only if a complaint is received from the victim)
1st Offence: Warn
2nd Offence: Warn + Slay
3rd Offence: Kick player from server.
4th Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: Minor Meta-Gaming

Major Meta-Gaming includes broadcasting in game information over OOC or Text Hats, such as who are the last Broods / Humans, bodies found, where to group up, etc.
1st Offence: Warn
2nd Offence: Warn + Gag
3rd Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: Major Meta-Gaming


Ghosting is when players reveal critical in game information privately to other players and then act off of it to RDM, cheat, and gain an advantage over other players, similar to Major Meta-Gaming.

Ghosting is hard to catch and prove and you will rarely ever encounter it. They will mostly use Steam / TS3 to Ghost. If you ever suspect a player of Ghosting spectate them for a few rounds and keep note of who is swarm and in spectator (as one of these players could be the person feeding them the information). Also if possible go to their Steam Profile and cross reference their friends list with connected players on the server. If they have friends on the server they are more likely to be Ghosting.

1st Offence: Three day ban
Ban Reason: Ghosting


Priming is when players intentionally damage other players but don’t kill them.

If a player primes ONE other player for MINOR damage, ignore it.

If a player primes ONE other player for MAJOR damage, or primes 3 players.
1st Offence: Warn
2nd Offence: Warn + Slay
3rd Offence: 1 day ban
Ban Reason: Priming


Baiting is when players instigate players into killing them or others.

Minor Baiting includes wearing text hats that say “ALIEN”, “I AM BROOD”, throwing a grenade in a group and cancelling it before it explodes, etc.

If a player is RDM’d while Minor Baiting, ignore their complaint.

Major Baiting shooting at players, saying a player is a Brood so another player will kill them, getting a player to damage them so they have an excuse to kill them, etc.
1st Offence: Warn
2nd Offence: Warn + Slay
3rd Offence: Kick from server
4th Offence: 1 day ban
Ban Reason: Baiting

Hacking, Exploiting, & Glitching

A player who is hacking or intentionally using server crashing / lagging exploits is to be permanently banned.
Ban Reason: Hacking / Server Exploit

Glitching: (intentionally getting out of the map, going invisible, jamming people into walls with crowbar, etc.)
1st Offence: Warn
2nd Offence: Warn + Slay
3rd Offence: 1 day ban
Ban Reason: Glitching

We do not punish for gameplay exploits. If you see someone using an exploit, find an exploit, or are told about an exploit, let @DoctorGringo or @Stickz know so it can be fixed.

Player Behavior & Impersonating Staff

Minor Player Behavior infractions include disrespect, discrimination, and racism:
1st Offence: Warn (+Give the player a temporary gag if you feel it is necessary)
2nd Offence: Warn + Gag
3rd Offence: Kick (Re-Gag them if they reconnect)
4th Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: Minor Player Behavior

Major Player Behavior infractions include to target and repeatedly harass a player, death/rape threats, and stalking.
1st Offence: Warn + Gag
2nd Offence: 1 week ban
Ban Reason: Major Player Behavior

Impersonating Staff includes saying that they are a staff member or copying the Steam Name of a staff member to influence the behavior of a player.
1st Offence: Warn / tell them to change their name
2nd Offence (or if they don’t change their name): Ban them for 3 days
Ban Reason: Impersonating Staff

If a complaint is received, never ignore the player’s behavior.

Admin discretion is needed when dealing with player behavior. If you feel that a player is engaging in this behavior, it is up to you to decide whether their behavior is serious enough to warrant punishment, or if they are just fooling around and having some fun / not being serious.

Targeted Advertisement

If a player is advertising for other servers or clans:
1st Offence: Warn + Gag
2nd Offence: 1 day ban

Mic / Chat Spam

Minor Spam includes excessive background noise or feedback, overpowering or talking over others, and high pitched noise.
1st Offence: Warn (+Gag if you feel it is necessary)
2nd Offence: Warn + Gag
3rd Offence: Kick
4th Offence: 1 day ban
Ban Reason: Minor Spam

Moderate Spam includes trolling, and playing music.
1st Offence: Warn + Gag
2nd Offence: Kick from server
3rd Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: Moderate Spam

Major Spam includes screaming
1st Offence: Warn + Gag
2nd Offence: 3 day ban
Ban Reason: Major Spam

Staff have the right to gag any player on the server who they feel is causing a disturbance. Dealing with spam requires admin discretion as well, you must be able to decide whether the player is actually causing a disturbance and if you should decide to punish them.

(E.g. just because a player is screaming doesn’t mean he is causing a disturbance / trying to, they could be screaming because a Brood just attacked them.)


Players are allowed to kill others blocking their path only if they warn the player blocking them once over OOC and once over local chat / microphone before doing so.
If a player tells you they killed someone because they were blocking, and you do not see an OOC message of them warning the blocker, it will still count as an RDM, and you will move on to 2nd Offence punishment if they RDM again.

If a player is sending warnings over OOC but is actually not killing blockers, but has been lying and has been using it as an excuse to RDM (You may need to spectate him to confirm).
1st Offence: If 1 person killed, Warn + Slay. If 2+ people are killed, ban for 3 days.
2nd Offence: 3 day ban (if Warn + Slay previously)
Ban Reason: Deceiving Staff to RDM

Delaying Rounds as Brood

Delaying the round as Brood includes being a friendly Brood and not attacking / protecting the humans or being the last Brood alive and not attacking / staying in a group of humans / not actively trying to make a move.

If a Brood is delaying the Round:

Tell them over private message that they have until X (X = time on the clock ending in :00 or :30) to make a move or they will be slayed. Give them (roughly) 2 minutes, so if the time is 6:00 on the clock, you would send them something like this:
”You have until 4:00 to make a move or you will be slayed for delaying”

Combination of Infractions

If a player has broken more than just one rule, it requires you to handle it differently, and it warrants a longer punishment.

Don’t just start off at 1st Offence punishment for each new rule broken, skip to the next Offence punishment for each new rule broken. If the player is banned, the Ban Reason will be every rule the player has broken.

For example, if a players 1st Offence is an RDM, send him a warning, since the 1st Offence punishment for RDM is to send the player a warning. Then if later he starts being racist over the microphone, Warn + Gag him, since the 2nd Offence punishment for Minor Mic / Chat Spam is Warn + Gag. Next, if the player announces who the Brood is over OOC chat, that would be considered Major Meta-Gaming and the 3rd Offence punishment for that is a 1 week ban. However, since the player has RDM, committed Minor Mic / Chat Spam, and has been Meta-Gaming, you will add up all of the ban lengths for each infraction, and double it. The ban reason would also be every rule he’s broken.

RDM Ban Length = 3
Minor Mic / Chat Spam Ban Length = 1
Major Meta-Gaming Ban Length = 7
3 + 1 +7 = 11x2 = 22
In this case, you would ban the player for 22 days.

Your Behavior on the Server

Do not get into arguments with players, especially over OOC.
Do not call people out on being bad players. You may give people tips and try to teach them, suggest better builds, but don’t be aggressive or negative when doing so.
Do not use your position to gain an advantage or to abuse others (“If you kill me I will ban you”, etc.)
Do not abuse commands.
Do not be harsher on an RDMer just because they RDM’d you. Treat it just like any other RDM.
Do answer any questions players have to the best of your ability.

Admin Chat, Sending Warnings, and Responding to Reports

Admin Chat:

This is how you will communicate with all other connected staff and where the reports will come from. Before you ever take action against a player on the server, you MUST communicate it over Admin Chat. If a staff member comes on the server after you, fill them in on who you have warned / slayed / gagged, etc. That way multiple staff members aren’t sending multiple warnings to the same players for the same infractions.

For example, if you are going to Warn someone for RDM, then you must say in Admin Chat that you are going to do so BEFORE you do it.

Sending Warnings:

You will send warnings to players for rules that they break. Warnings are only to be sent over private chat and never over OOC / Microphone. When sending a warning, state which rule has been broken, state that it is not allowed, and then tell them to read the !motd. Do not ask or recommend that they stop, send them a statement.

For example, a statement I send to all RDMers (which you can feel free to use) is:

“I have records/complaints of you RDMing. No RDMing on this server. Type !motd in chat for rules.”

Sometimes when you send a player a warning for RDM, they will respond back, usually telling you that you are wrong and that they did not RDM, that they did it in self-defence (player was shooting at them, threw grenade at them, etc.), or that it was an accident.

If they say it was an accident, you can choose to disregard the RDM, but if they RDM again, do not disregard it, send them a warning.

If they say it was self-defence, you can tell them that the logs prove otherwise, but if they explain the situation to you and you believe them, you can disregard the RDM. If they RDM a 2nd time, do not disregard it, send them a warning and do not accept that it was in self-defence unless the logs back up their story.

Whenever you Gag or Slay a player, a warning MUST be sent along with it, as is shown with many of the Offence punishments.

Responding to Reports:

When a player reports an RDM, respond letting them know that you will check the logs at the end of the round.

When you have read over the log and concluded whether or not it was RDM and handed down your punishment, let the player who reported it know of your decision.

(e.g. “I will keep an eye on him, thanks”)

(e.g. “I sent that player a warning, thank you for reporting him”)

(e.g. “That player was defending himself, so it wasn’t RDM, thanks for reporting it though”)


You can tell a good chunk of the time if an RDM was an accident or not by reading and interpreting the logs (Read my guide on How to Read the RDM Logs - How to read Morbus RDM Logs). If you believe that an RDM is ever an accident or an honest mistake (Fighting a Brood and a Human walks in front, Players confused by a Chain RDM, etc.) then you should ignore it.

If a player however has too many “accidents” than you probably shouldn’t ignore them, as you could be interpreting the logs incorrectly or they are being loose with the rules.

A big giveaway is if you disregard the player’s RDM as an accident and the round right after they have another RDM in the logs.

Kicks and Bans


Whenever you kick or ban someone, you must always put a reason. This lets us know why you kicked/banned them. Appropriate reasons can be found in this handbook for each different offence. You may add to the reasons, so long as the general rule they have broken is included. (E.g. Reason: Ghosting – 1 friend banned with them, RDM - 3 rdms + player disrespect)


Markers are 1 minute bans we place on players who have broken the rules, but leave before they do anything serious enough for us to ban them. We do this so if they return to the server and do end up getting banned or receive another marker, they will end up either getting an increased punishment or end up getting banned. (E.g. A player commits 2 RDM’s in total and then disconnects from the server. At this point he would have been warned + slayed, and not banned).

A player is to receive a Marker if:

  • They have received the 2nd Offence punishment for any rule and leave the server.

  • If a player RDM’s and Leaves the server in the same round, even if it is their first offence.

  • If you feel they deserve one under any circumstance, just make sure your reasoning justifies it.

Stuck Players

If a player is stuck and you are near them, you can use the !bring command to teleport them out and unstuck them. Only use this if you are close to the player.

If a player complains about being stuck and you are not near them, you can go into spectator mode, find the player, and then use the !tp command to unstuck them.
(read my guide on using commands - Morbus Commands for Staff)

Alternatively, if a player says they are stuck, you can tell them to slay themselves by typing kill in console.