FF2 Weapons Abilities List

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This is a master list of the new weapon abilities on FF2. More will be added and changed as more is added/changed. Weapons will be listed by class then multi class at the bottom.
To use the abilities, simply equip the weapon and it will be automatically applied.

The Sun on a Stick:
On hit it ignites the Boss, dealing 15 afterburn damage per second for roughly ten seconds
The Soda Popper: On hit gives you a speed boost for 5 seconds. Dealing damage also increases your Hyper meter
Baby Face's Blaster: This weapon replaces 520 Scout. The player has double movement speed, but the BFB itself does 25% less damage


The Mantreads:
The user never takes fall damage, player speed is slightly increased, and much more force is taken from rocket jumps
The Direct Hit: The Rocket Specialist ability from MVM is activated on this weapon. The knockback is also increased


The Phlogistinator: Flame reach is doubled
The Detonator: Self damage is decreased while jump height is increased


Ali Baba's Wee Booties:
This weapon replaces Super Charger. Your charge meter refills at 7 times faster, but is no longer instant. You also don't take the 10 hp a charge penalty anymore. You also have full control during charge no matter the shield being used
The Bootlegger: Less self damage on sticky jump, and more distance on sticky jump


The Huo-Long Heater:
Now has incendiary ammo, meaning on bullet hit it ignites the Boss for 10 seconds, doing 9 damage per second. However, it now uses more ammo while spinning up
The Gloves of Running Urgently: This weapon replaces Hyper Heavy: On equip of this item, the player's speed is increased to 520. However, you will not be able to change weapons. The player also loses 10 hp per second, but gains 50 hp per hit on the Boss
The Tomislav: This weapon replaces Machine Slapping: On hit, push the Boss away from you. However, you do 30% less damage and have a much slower firing speed, but spin up time is now twice as fast


The Pomson 6000:
Now fires Cow Mangler projectiles. You can also rocket jump with this weapon, but be warned, it does take quite a bit of health to do so
The Southern Hospitality: Buildings now have more HP. Sentries and Dispensers start at 200 hp at level 1 and end with 288 hp at level 3. Sentry's range is also slightly increased. Buildings now construct 50% slower


The Amputator:
You now gain 20% Uber on hit (compared to the Ubersaw's 25%) and the healing taunt is now preformed twice as fast
The Overdose: On hit, the syringes apply Mad Milk to the Boss. You also gain 2% Uber on hit and have a chance of slowing the Boss (now actually unbanned)


The Hitman's Heatmaker:
Ignites the Boss on hit. Deals 9 hp per second in afterburn damage
The Bushwacka: When swung at the air, you'll deal damage to yourself but you'll also propel yourself into the air


The Ambassador:
This weapon replaces 50. Cal: On headshot deal 1020 damage. There's no longer a charge meter, however body shots will not deal 50. Cal damage
The Enforcer: This weapon also replaces 50. Cal: On Bodyshot, deal anywhere from 100 to 150 damage depending on distance. On Headshot, deal 295. However, it now only has 3 bullets in the clip and reloads slower

Multi Class:

The Pain Train:
On hit send the Boss flying backwards. You also gain a speed boost from hitting allies
The Panic Attack: Player speed is slightly increased while weapon is active (works with all classes that can use it)
The Base Jumper: Slightly less damage on blast jump and a bit more force on blast jump. However, there is now much more air control on the user (works on both Soldier and Demo)

(More to be added later)
Special thanks to: @Rejects @BelloWaldi and @Goblins for letting me write the configs for this, @Snowy for helping me with some balancing and ideas and @all FF2 players for supporting the server