Jailbreak Rules

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Rules and regulations for our CS:GO Jailbreak server.
See general xG rules here.
© Property of Xeno Gamers, Original Author(s): "Bleed", "ThePenguin", "Chrono", "Lithium"

General Jailbreak Rules

  1. Anything that is not in the MOTD is considered illegal unless an Admin says otherwise.
  2. No abusing exploits.
  3. Do not spam voice or chat. This includes HLDJ or any other kind of music played over mic, as well as voice changers.
  4. Do not encourage other players to break the rules.
  5. Do not gunspam.
  6. Do not camp armory or vents as T or CT.
  7. No cheating is implied on any games, including LRs.
  8. Do not intentionally delay the round, especially on LR.

Warden Rules and Regulations

Call warden by being the first CT to speak at the beginning of the round. Give orders to the Ts to gradually eliminate all but one of them, or call a special day with the !days command. If a T is rebelling, you can pardon them by name.
  1. You may only do a special day every 3 rounds, and you must call this using the !days menu, otherwise it will simply be a freeday.
  2. Do not spam for warden. This usually means holding your mic down before the start of the round.
  3. Do not play the same game 2 rounds in a row.
  4. You must have cells open within 75 seconds (on most maps, this is 8:45) or else it is a freeday!
  5. You cannot tarp (see below for definition) for the first 3 minutes of a round (on most maps, this means you cannot tarp before 7:00).
  6. Terrorists may not be Warden at Any point.
  7. The first order out of cells must be repeated once upon request.
  8. AFK or Guncheck freeze can only be given as the first order immediately after taking a step out of cells.
  9. No in-cell orders are permitted.
  10. No favoritism and no special treatment. This includes personal freedays.
  11. Any game that is explained below requires no explanation for T's.
  12. You may not order T's to throw their nades.

Guard (Counter-Terrorist) Rules and Regulations

Follow your warden's orders and attempt to maintain order and stifle any rebellions. Kill any T who doesn't follow orders or rebels. If there are at least 4 players on CT, the last CT alive will get LastCT, and can kill any T they come across until there is only one remaining.
  1. Do not freekill
  2. Do not break vents unless Last CT is in effect
  3. Leave armory by 9:30 at the start of a round.
  4. Do not Bait or Gunplant the Terrorists
  5. If you want a T to drop a gun, you must tell them by name to drop it.
  6. If the warden dies, a new warden must be selected within 15 seconds or a Freeday will be automatically given.
  7. As LastCT, do not kill terrorists stuck inside a room without an exit (I.e. isolation) without first opening the room and giving t's 5 seconds for t's to escape.
  8. No favoritism as LastCT. If you see a T, you should try and kill them.

Prisoner (Terrorist) Rules and Regulations

Follow the warden's orders and attempt to be the last alive (type !lr to get the Last Request menu), or lead a rebellion and kill all the CTs.
  1. Do not Rebel during your Last Request without using the option in the menu. You cannot rebel after you have already chosen or completed a different LR in that round.
  2. Do not Camp during Last CT
  3. You may not have a 'Custom Last Request', you must use the menu.
  4. No detouring or delaying is always implied. Wardens do not need to specify this.
  5. You are an automatic rebel if you:
  • Do not follow warden's orders
  • Are in armory or break vents on a non-warday
  • Have a primary weapon out
  • Are shooting a secondary, or aiming at CTs with a secondary weapon

Special Days and Explanations

There are a variety of special days which the warden can call with !days, or simply as an order at the beginning of a round. Rules on special days may differ from standard JB rules, so read carefully.


A day in which T’s can do whatever they like while not rebelling. Entering vents/Armory is still considered rebelling. The Warden can restrict the freeday to a certain area upon calling the freeday. Once granted, a freeday cannot be revoked. There are also some variations on freedays.

Panda Freeday

A freeday in which all T’s must crouch at all times unless he is typing in chat,while freelooking, or if you must stand/run to get to a CT. A T may right-click a CT and would not be considered a rebel.

Ninja Panda Freeday

Same thing as a Panda Freeday except you must be jumping at the same time.

Zombie Freeday

A freeday in which all T’s must be shift-walking at all times. T’s may not crouch or jump unless they must to get to a CT. A T can left-click a CT and not be considered a rebel.


A normal Warday is a battle between T’s and CT’s, in an area chosen by warden. The area must have 2 or more entrances. Inside the area, anyone may be killed. T’s outside of the Warday area may not be killed unless they have a gun out, or are baiting a freekill (meaning standing outside the warday area in an attempt to get a CT to freekill them). T’s who are not actively participating in the Warday may be slain. There is no LR on wardays. There are also some special variations on wardays.

Predator Day

A predator day is a special form of warday where there are no location restrictions and CTs only have knives and are invisible. Ts get AKs and should try to kill CTs without being killed. This is a warday, so there is no camping allowed and there is no LR.

CT Ninja Day

A CT ninja day is a warday with no location restrictions in which CT’s must only use knives. Last CT does not have to use a knife.

Friendly Fire Day

A friendly fire day is an ordinary day where friendly fire is enabled and Ts and CTs can try to kill their own teammates unless warden specifies otherwise. Upon LR/LastCT, any teamkilling restrictions given by the warden are lifted. Warden may restrict T's or CT's from teamkilling, but may not restrict CTs from killing warden only.

Hide and Seek Day

CTs remain in armory except for one who will open cells and return to armory. CTs can stay in armory until a designated time. Ts hide on the map and after the designated time, CTs begin hunting the Ts down until LR.

Reverse Hide and Seek Day

Similar to a hide and seek day, except reverse. CTs hide on the map and after a set time Ts hunt for the CTs and kill them. CTs may not kill Ts after they are permitted to leave their cells. Last CT plays out as normal.

Pre-Approved Games and Explanations

These games do not require admin approval to play, and do not require explanation to Ts.
  • First Reaction, Last Reaction - The warden tells T's either first reaction or last reaction, and then a simple order (ie "Last reaction, jump"). If the warden says first reaction, the first T to do the command dies, and if the warden says last reaction, the last T to do the command dies.
  • No Balls - T's are ordered to all stack up on one spot, while jumping and standing are unrestricted. The warden then says a time at which jumping will be restricted, and T's are "no-balls-d" to jump, and CT's attempt to kill them while they are jumping. When a T hits the ground after jumping, he is pardoned. This can and usually is repeated with restricting standing up, so all T's end up crouching. Jumping and standing are unrestricted once noballs is over.
  • Trivia - Ask a common knowledge question to Ts, the winner gets a prize.The T’s must know the prize. No more than 3 T’s can die to the prize. Both questions and answers must be typed.
  • Surprise Trivia - Same thing as trivia, but the T’s don’t know what the prize is. You must type the prize in team chat. The winner gets the opportunity to keep or pass the prize. Both questions and answers must be typed. You cannot have the prize kill more than 3 Ts
  • Simon Says - Can only be played after 7:00, as this is a tarp-related game. This is played just like the childhood game. You cannot tell Ts to Kill CTs or get guns.
  • Pokemon - A T is chosen for the T pokemon master via trivia or another fair way. The T may choose another T or himself to knife fight the CT chosen by the CT pokemon master. The CT Pokemon Master is the warden unless specified otherwise. This can only be played with 3 or more T’s alive.
  • Thunderdome - This is like Pokemon, except fighters fight to the death. A T may use a gun as long as it isn’t used against the audience.
  • Odd Man Out - Requires 3 T’s. There is 2 actions the T’s can do (i.e. jump or crouch) and the T that is the only T to do the action is the odd man out. The warden must specify the prize for being odd man out before it is played.
  • Opinionated Games - Contests among T’s in which CT’s judge whether or not the T lives or dies. A couple examples are “what’s for dinner”, “Joke day”, and “Dive Contest”. There must be at least 3 CT's to judge for any opinionated day, and at least 3 T's left alive (cannot be done for LR).
  • Skill Jump Contest - The warden must demonstrate a jump he wants the Ts to do. After that, the Ts must complete the jump successfully after a number of tries that the warden specifies.

Terms and Definitions

  • Camping - Being within 10 feet of the same area for more than 15 seconds.
  • Tarping - Giving orders that contradict or conflict with each other, or giving deliberately confusing orders intended to trick T's unfairly. This includes orders that use wordplay or similar sounding words. Tarping is ONLY allowed after 3 minutes and 3 orders have gone by.
    • Example: "All T's when I say Go please come out of your cells and freeze" "Joe!"
    • Example: "Jumping is restricted, crouching is restricted, standing is restricted, wasd freeze. Now all of you go to big cage or be killed".
  • Baiting - Being within knifing distance of any T. If a T knifes a CT who is baiting and is killed for it, it is not a freekill.
  • Gunspam - The act of dropping a large amount of weapons in any location.
  • Gunplanting - The act of arming a T with any form of weapon.
  • Freekilling - The act of killing a T without any correct justification
  • AFK Freeze - All actions are restricted except mic/chat usage. This may only be used during the first order immediately out of cells.
  • Gun Check Freeze - This is an AFK freeze performed directly outside your cell, facing away from your cell (unless another direction is specified).
  • Freeze - T’s cannot use WASD. Any movement must be stopped, but jumping and looking around are still permitted unless otherwise specified. This is also known as “WASD Freeze".