Factions Rules

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Rules and regulations for our Minecraft Factions server.
See general xG rules here.
© Property of Xeno Gamers, Original Author(s): "Owl", "MineCrack".


  1. Anything in the xG general rules applies.
  2. No insiding.
  3. No exploiting bugs.
  4. No attempting to grief safe zones.
  5. No mods/hacks/cheats/clients/texture packs that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
  6. No structures, redstone mechanisms, entities, etc. that lag the server or other players.
  7. No spamming useless auctions, e.g. 1 dirt for $5,000
  8. No scamming.
  9. No teleport trapping.
  10. No inviting other players to your faction with malicious intent. (backstabbing)
  11. No trading or offering real world money in exchange for anything in game.
  12. No spamming chat, caps lock or otherwise.
  13. No loopholing.
  14. No avoiding punishment.
  15. No hackusating - if you believe another player is hacking, alert a staff member.


  1. No structures, redstone mechanisms, entities, etc. that lag the server or other players.
  2. No exploiting bugs.
  3. No griefing other players plots.
  4. No smuggling items out of the creative world into the factions world.
  5. No inappropriate structures.


Clarifications and details for rules listed above.


Insiding is when players join a faction for the sole purpose of griefing and/or stealing from the faction.


Exploiting is when users abuse any bugs found for their own personal gain.
If you happen to find any exploitable bugs, please report them to staff. You will be rewarded!


Do not use any external software that will give you an advantage over players. Some mods are allowed, however.
Some examples may include Too Many Items, Optifine, Auto-Respawn, and Better Animations. These mods do not give you an advantage over other players.
If you have any questions, please contact staff.


Scamming is a broad term that covers any trades/deals that are made to unfairly benefit one of the parties involved. This would include convincing players to make unfair trades or promising free/cheap donator packs.


Teleport trapping is luring players via teleporting into areas where they are unable to escape.