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If you are reading this, then it means you are interested in donating to xG and for that we can't thank you enough. This guide will provide info on the different benefits you can redeem from donating to xG.

Team Fortress 2

If you are an active player on our TF2 Servers who would like to assist in furthering its development by way of donation, you will be eligible to receive access to an assortment of powers and perks we have including !noclip, !nofall, and other miscellaneous exclusive content in the form of various Donator Packs to choose from.

Donator Information

Click on the image above for additional information on TF2 Donator Packs
You can also click below for things to buy with TF2 Credits (Shmeckles)

TF2 Store Items for HUB

Counter Strike - Global Offensive

Donating for CS:GO can get you credits which you can use to buy in-game items, such as sprays, auras, trails, chat colors and more! You can also donate to receive custom items for Hub that only you can use! For more information on Hub click here.


You can choose to purchase Credits on the forums to transfer to the server to buy Hub items.

To purchase credits on the server, first visit here and purchase the number of credits you would like. To transfer the credits to the server and start spending, visit here, and use the bottom option to transfer credits to the server.

Custom Hub Items

You can also donate to have custom CS:GO items created for you (and only you).

Currently, you can donate $5 to receive a custom chat tag in game. To do so, please visit here and donate $5 with the message "CS:GO Tag", and contact either @Lithium or @Bleed.
We do not currently accept donations for custom sprays, but that is planned and will be coming soon.

Garry's Mod - Morbus

All credits purchased through the website, can be turned into PointShop credits from the hub. (1 website credit = 1 PointShop credit) By pressing f4 in-game, you can choose from a large selection of custom player models, trails or accessories. Player models range in price from 750 to 3000 credits. Other things are cheaper.

Additionally, all players can request additional content from the GMOD workshop, to be installed on the server. If it meets our requirements, we'll add it within the next batch of custom content installations.


If you are a Minecraft player on our servers and want to support our servers, we will have custom hats, pets, tails and other perks just to show our appreciation!

This will be announced at a later date!

Sponsoring XenoGamers

If you interested in Sponsoring XenoGamers as an individual and want to see our reward system, click below!

Sponsorship And The Reward Tiers


As a bonus, any users who make any General donations towards Xeno Gamers will receive a Donator tag on the Forums and on our Teamspeak Server. Additionally, users who have donated will also be given an immunity to the site's Ads and Language Filter (enabled in Shout Box, Forum Posts, and Comments).

Donators can also choose from an assortment of special Teamspeak icons, titles or custom music on their profile!

Xeno Gamers Forum Hub and Features Guide

Click on the link above for the full list of all things you can get with forum credits!