CS:GO Staff Manual

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All information about staff and how to be staff for xG CS:GO servers

Staff Ranks

This is a list of all the ranks available for staff, and what duties and powers come with the ranks.

Server Staff

  • Moderator (xG:M) - A mod is the lowest level of staff on our servers. They are, essentially, an admin-in-training. Mods have access to the most basic admin commands - chat messages, kicks, slays, mutes, gags, silences, teambans, and non-permanent server bans. Moderators are expected to enforce the written rules, and ask higher-up staff members on any questions or disputes. There are also Trial Moderators, which have identical powers to standard mods, but comes with a much stricter tolerance for following the rules/ abuse.
  • Administrator (xG:A) - Admins are the second rank of staff on xG servers. In addition to the mod powers, admins are able to call votes and permanently ban players from the server. Admins have usually been around xG for a while, and are typcially more active on the forums and/or Teamspeak. Admins are generally permitted to be more flexible when interpreting the rules, as they are more trusted members of the community.

Server Leadership

  • Division Manager (xG: DM) - Division managers are the lowest leadership rank. Typically, they are tasked with managing the forums, including member and staff applications, although their powers and duties can vary depending on the individual's knowledge and skills. They have access to all server powers and access to forum and teamspeak moderation powers. They are involved in promo/demo discussions, and are permitted to make minor adjustments and decisions regarding rules as they see fit. Typically, there will be no more than 2 DM's at a time. DM's also have the ability to edit bans or unban players that were mistakenly banned.
  • Division Leader (xG: D) - Division leader is the highest rank within the CS:GO division. Similar to Division Manager, a DL's responsibilities may vary. They are given server access, and often add maps, plugins, or other content to the server. Similar to DM's, there will typically be no more than 2 at a given time.

Community Leadership

  • Community Manager (xG:CM) - This rank is higher than any division-specific rank. Typically, CM's will also have all the powers of a Division Leader, but are also involved in clan-wide decisions and changes.
  • Co-Leader (xG:C) - This is the highest rank in the clan, and are tasked with the management of the entire clan.

Staff Expectations

We hold our staff members to a high standard, and expect that they should follow our guidelines.
  • Staff members must be active on the servers. This doesn't mean that you must play every day, or that there is a required number of hours per week you need to be active. However, if you are not on the servers for any significant amount of time over a few weeks, you will likely lose your powers. (If you know you will be inactive, you can notify higher-ups and we will usually give some flexibility. However, if you're inactive for an extended period of time, you may be demoted regardless)
  • Staff members must follow the rules. This should go without saying, but staff members should not break the rules or encourage others to do so. This will result in a loss of powers, and possibly a ban.
  • Staff members should be respectful when dealing with players. Treating other people with disrespect or harassing players is completely inappropriate as a staff member, and will likely result in a removal of powers.
  • Abuse of powers is strictly forbidden. Abuse of ANY form is not tolerated and will result in an immediate loss of staff. This includes, but is not limited to: slaying, banning, or kicking players for no reason; banning for excessive lengths of time, unnecessary use of allchat, unmuting yourself as a T at the beginning of a round, etc.
  • Players should know why they were punished. When punishing players, warnings should be given before or explanations after they were slayed/muted/gagged.
  • Staff should wear their tags at all times when on xG servers. Going undercover is allowed, but do not stay undercover for long periods of time or when other staff members (wearing tags) are on. This should only be done if there are complaints of a specific person breaking rules when no staff member is on.
  • Staff should show no bias in their dealings with players. Different punishments for different situations is understandable, but you should under no circumstances show favoritism.
  • Staff shouldn't deal punishments based on the words of other players. If you didn't see it happen, then don't do anything.

Server Commands

New staff members should learn these commands, and refer to this if you forget one.

Chat Message Commands

Admins have special commands available for chat to make communicating with people on the server easier.

All Chat

All chat is a way of distinguishing yourself as an admin in chat to all players. To use it, type in normal chat "@" followed by your message.
For example, [​IMG] would come up as [​IMG] to all players.

Admin Chat

Admin chat is similar to all chat, except only admins can see it. To use it, type in team chat "@" followed by your message.
Using the previous example, admins would see [​IMG]. All players can type in this chat, so players have a way of directly talking to admins.

Private Chat

Private chat is a way to message a specific player privately. To use it, type in normal chat "@@" followed by the players name, and then the message.
For example, typing [​IMG] shows[​IMG] to you and the other player.
Note: We can see in our logs what you have typed here, it is not completely private.

Command List

Commands have a prefix of either an "!" or "/" when typed in chat, or "sm_" when typed in console. For simplicity, all commands here are listed with their console prefix.

Admin Menu (sm_admin)

Usage: sm_admin
This brings up a menu where you can access most of the commands (ban, kick, teamswap, etc.). This is handy if you forget some of the commands, but most of the time it's easier to just use the commands in chat.
Seen here:

Slay (sm_slay)

Usage: sm_slay <player>
Kills a player. The most common punishment for minor violations. You can also use sm_smite <player>.

Slay Next Round (sm_slaynr)

Usage: sm_slaynr <player> <number of rounds to slay>
Automatically slays a player for the next number of rounds specified. Only available on Jailbreak; use sm_resetslays <player> to stop the player from being automatically slain.

Ban (sm_ban)

Usage: sm_ban <player> <time> <reason>
This bans a player from the server for the time specified, with the given reason.

Teamban (sm_teamban)

Usage: sm_teamban <player> <time> <reason>
Similar to ban, but bans a player from CT. Only available on jailbreak.

Kick (sm_kick)

Usage: sm_kick <player>
Kicks a player from the server.

Mute (sm_mute)

Usage: sm_mute <player>
Prevents a player from using their microphone. Useful mostly for micspammers. Use sm_unmute <player> to remove a mute.

Gag (sm_gag)

Usage: sm_gag <player>
Prevents a player from using text chat. Use sm_ungag <player> to remove a gag.

Silence (sm_silence)

Usage: sm_silence <player>
Gags and mutes a player. Use sm_unsilence <player> to remove a silence.

Identify / Who (sm_who)

Usage: sm_who, or sm_who <playername>
This gives you a list of players on the server and their admingroups, or prints it for only a specific player.
For all players:
For a specific player, it will look something like this:

Abort LR (sm_abortlr)

Usage: sm_abortlr
Cancels the currently active LR. Only available on jailbreak, and should be used if an LR was mistakenly selected or has broken.

Swap Team (sm_swapteam)

Usage: sm_swapteam <player>
Swaps a player to the other team. On jailbreak, you can only swap people off of CT.

Open Cells (sm_open)

Usage: sm_open
Opens cell doors on the map. This should only be used if cells need to be opened due to no CT's or if CT's refuse to open cells after it is a freeday. Only available on jailbreak.


In order to use these commands on other players, you'll need to know how to target them. Typically, in the commands listed above, you can replace <player> with a fragment of their name.
For example: [​IMG] yields [​IMG].

Sometimes, this won't work, if two players have the same name or have untypable characters in their name. In that case, simply type status in your console. This will provide you with a list that looks like this:
First, you need to find the player you want to target, and find their userid - the first column. Then, you can type the command followed by #userid.
For example: [​IMG].

Here is a list of various other targeting methods available in SourceMod.
  • #steamid - Matches by Steam ID. If you use colons :)), you must enclose in quotes. Otherwise, you can use an underscore (_) instead. Examples: "#STEAM_0:1:4433", #STEAM_0_1_4433
  • #<name> - Exact name match after the # sign.
  • @all - All players (available on most commands).
  • @bots - All bots (available on most commands).
  • @alive - All alive players (available on most commands that accept alive players).
  • @dead - All dead players (available on most commands that accept dead players).
  • @humans - All non-bot players (available on most commands).
  • @aim - Current player the admin is directly aiming at.
  • @me - Target self.
  • @!me - Target everyone but yourself.
  • @ct or @cts - All Counter-Terrorists
  • @t or @ts - All Terrorists
Note that name matches occur last, "magic targets" (such as # and @) are processed first. This means that "@all" will target @all players, even if there is a player named "@all". You should target "#@all" instead.

We have a few custom targeting methods on our servers as well, useful for certain situations.
  • @namechanger - targets the person who changed his name last.
  • @mostnamechanges - targets the person with the most name changes on the current map.

Promotion Guidelines

There are a number of requirements for promotion, as well as several things you can do in order to increase your chances of getting promoted. You do not have to make an application in order to be promoted, but you can if you wish.

To Moderator

In order to make an application for moderator, we require that you have at least:
You can be promoted without meeting these requirements, but they are a minimum to apply. If you want to increase your chances of becoming a mod:
  • Be active on forums and Teamspeak. While not required for moderators, this is the easiest way for us to get to know you, and it's a sign you're dedicated to the community.
  • Make sure you know the rules. Chances are, if you don't have a decent knowledge of our rules, you won't get promoted.
  • Be kind and helpful to other players. Helping others on the servers is a good sign of maturity, and a great quality for staff.

To Admin

For a mod who wants a promotion, there are a few things you can do to help you get promoted:
  • Be very active on forums and/or Teamspeak. This is essentially required to be promoted, as we need to know that you are easy to contact and dedicated to this community.
  • Know the rules thoroughly and help new people learn them. We expect more from admins, and we want to make sure that they can deal with any situations that might arise.

To Higher Staff

Promotions to any higher rank generally require a staff member to be an exceptional member of the community, showing maturity and knowledge of the community. We also look for people who are knowledgeable about server administration, including mapping and plugin creation, although these are not requirements.