Overhauled TF2 Jailbreak Rules

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Please read before entering! Rules change all the time, make sure you are up to date!

General Rules

PLEASE USE !guard or /guard to join blue.
  • Listen to the staff on our servers, they have the final say. Arguing with staff about rules or attempting to make loopholes results in punishment. Impersonation of staff is a ban.
  • Abuse of any plugin or courtesy may result in punishment.
  • No exploiting. Using anything in a way unintended by the owner of the content, or staff, (like a plugin or map problem) is an exploit. This will result in punishment.
  • Staff members reserve the right to veto votes.
  • Staff members (DMs and DLs only) reserve the right to adjust the rules on the fly in case of new maps, new plugins, or new situations. Be aware.
  • Read the banned weapons list and do not equip the weapons. Banned weapons list.
  • As of 12/24/16, using any donator perk other than the ones listed down below outside of an Admin Abuse Day are considered abusing donator powers.

In Cells

  • In Cell orders are not allowed. (Starting order must involve moving players out of the cells or has to be out of cell rebel).
  • Orders must be given and cells must be opened by 6:45, with the exception of cell wars. It is a freeday if they are not opened by 6:45.
  • If the cells are opened before 6:45, without a warden present, the person who opens them will be slain.

Regular Day

  • Please read the proper catagory for your team or position. They are listed below these paragraphs.


  • Blues cannot restrict where reds go.
  • Blues can kill reds if they attack you or another person, they have a weapon out, they hit a vent, they enter vents, they trigger tardis, they enter tardis or they enter armoury.
  • During Panda-Freeday reds may stand up only if they WASD freeze. Using a taunt to move is valid during Panda-Freeday.
  • Climbing a ladder or walking around during a Panda-Freeday is considered rebelling, however, the blus must see the reds climbing ladders or they cannot be killed.

Warden Etiquette

  • Do not hog warden unless no one else will take it. Taking it three times or more in a row is hogging.
  • Use !w to take the warden position. A GOOD MIC IS REQUIRED!
  • Custom games are okay, as long as there is a staff member online, they confirm its okay.
  • You cannot play the same game two days in a row. Please note Cell Wars and Hunger Games are two different things.
  • Closing the cells at all does not count as a freeday.
  • You may only activate cellwars every other round, and there must be a minimum of 12 reds.
  • During LCT, the remaining blu may choose to give the surviving Reds a head-start to get away from them before they start killing. This is NOT REQUIRED, but is seen as more of a kind gesture. If the LCT wishes to quickly end the round and kill off all of the surviving Reds without a head start, that is acceptable too. The decision lies with the LCT.
  • You may only play one friendly fire game per round. (Example: You cannot do cell wars and arena on the same day.)
  • Do not use !menu to troll, you will be teamswitched.
  • When warden orders reds to go to any location, the closest one is implied unless specified otherwise
    (i.e. Go to the yellow line means go the the closest yellow line)

Blue Team

  • If blue has less than 4 people, then all must have mics. 4:1 ratio (1 person without mic per 4 with mics).
  • Stay with the warden/reds at all times, unless looking for rebels.
  • Do not break the vents, you will be slain (Exception is Last CT)
  • You cannot kill a red just because they are a certain class or have a certain weapon equipped in their loadout. Exception is if they glitch ammo.
  • You may kill any reds that use lethal taunt ONLY if it was pointing at blues.
  • LAST CT: Is now a plugin. When ever enabled EXCEPT ON THE FIRST DAY you can kill all reds except for the last one. Which will get LR for surviving the onslaught of killing all prisoners Last CT is only enabled when there are 4 or more blues on blue team
  • Do not teamkill at any time, you may be slain.
  • Chretien: If a Blu sees a Red pass through the checkpoint (so it makes a beep) or if they have already passed the checkpoint, then they are a rebel.
  • You may not airblast reds away from you if they attempt to run at you. Any other airblasting is a freehit unless they are rebelling..
  • Warden may tarp the reds after 6:00.
  • Ghosting when you're dead will result in a gag.
  • You may not bait the Reds unless the day is a type of freeday. (If they hit you, they are labeled as a rebel and are K.O.S.)
Blue Protection Act of 1974:

On Regular days:
  • You can give a red or reds a warning to back away from you or will you will start shooting. (For example, you are walking to a game and they start crouchwalking closer. You can warn them.)
On Freedays:
  • You can tell reds to stop blocking your path or you will start shooting. (For example: Blocking medic while blues are still inside)

Red Team

Red team:
  • Detouring/Delaying is always implied regardless if warden gave the order or not.
  • You can choose to follow the warden’s orders or rebel against them at any time.
  • No team-killing, unless the day/game requires Reds' to team-kill each other. Examples: Cell wars, Arena, Hunger games.
  • You can hit/kill baiters, however, if you pursue them blues may kill you. Order like "swinging melee = kos" and "having certain weapons out that are not melee" are still valid; however, you may still hit baiters. Hitting baiters overrides orders. You may unfreeze to do so.
  • You can be killed for having a gun out, even quick switching it. Mediguns are not a gun, but you can be killed for healing a rebel.
  • You can be killed for: going into armory, entering vents, triggering tardis, entering tardis, breaking vents or using a lethal taunt if facing a blu.
  • Picking up a dead blue's weapon is considered picking up ammo and rebelling, you can be killed if a blue sees you do this. Melee weapons obviously don't count.
  • You may not camp medic or armory for more than 10 seconds.
  • You may not camp when there are 3 or less reds left or medic and armory. (Exception is armory during hide and seek)
  • Non-rebels can camp at any location that doesn't deem them as rebels. (Meaning camping armory, vents, tardis etc. still isn't allowed.)

Last CT & Last Request

Last CT:
  • You are the last blue alive! Kill all of the reds except for one.
  • Do not favoritize players.
  • This is the only time blues may re-enter armoury.
  • Camping during LCT is a slay.
  • Camping during LCT is determined by staff.
Last Request:
  • You receive this when you are the last red alive. Pick a game or an activity to be played tomorrow!
  • You may only pick one LR. If you pick more than one LR you may be slain.
  • Same day LR may only last 45 seconds.
  • You have 45 seconds to choose your LR.
  • Rebelling before or after choosing your LR will invalidate it.
  • The same LR cannot be chosen for two days in a row.
  • Failure to do the LR will result in a freeday.
  • LRs on the following day must be done before 3:00 and with a MINIMUM of 50% of the reds.
  • Hide and Seek/Warday/Panda Freeday must begin at the start of the round.
  • Some custom LRs can be done, however staff must be on and ALL staff that are currently on the server must vote yes or no to it. (Examples: Kart day, Admin abuse day, Heavy dogfights).
  • If a certain blu denies the LR, they have to slay themselves next round or it has to be a freeday.

Other Games/Days

  • Freeday - In the name. Reds can do whatever they want except rebel.
  • Panda Freeday - Like freeday, reds can do everything they want, but they must crouchwalk to move to places. They may wasd freeze if they feel like it in order to type, but cannot run. Taunting DOES count as crouch walking. Climbing ladders also counts as rebelling during Panda Freedays.
  • Warday - During a warday, the warden chooses a place where the warday happens. Reds cannot be killed for being outside of the warday, unless they have a weapon out. The place chosen for a warday must have 2 or more entrances. Wardens must clarify when a warday will start and where it will be. A warday is allowed to be expanded from 2 minutes after the warday starts and the warden must clarify before the wardays starts when the expansion will occur. Last red on warday can pick an LR, however no matter what the LR is, it can be denied by blues as it does count as invalid, warday can only be called during the first order.
  • Melee Warday A melee warday follows all the same rules as a normal warday but instead both teams may only use their melee weapons. Running and/or not participating in order to become last CT will result in a slay. Meele warday can be done in the entire map instead of a specific given location.
  • First reaction/last reaction – If a first reaction action is said, the first red to do it dies. If a last reaction action is said, the last red to do it dies.
  • Hide and Seek - Must be played to start off the day. Red's must always be the one's to hide. Red's may break vents, take teleporters, enter armory, and camp anywhere besides medic, tardis or armory. Blue's may only shoot red's who stand in front/on top of the vent to armory. Anyone not near the vent cannot be shot at. Blues must give Reds at least 30-60 seconds to hide. Blue team can re-enter to check armoury, however, they're not allowed to grab ammo or health. No more than THREE reds per hiding spot, (i.e. No more than three reds inside obby). Any Red team member may be killed if a Blue Team member sees them. If you glitch yourself from being found (ex: preventing a door from opening) after Blue Team has found you, you can be slayed if staff sees you doing this. Last Red get's LR.
  • Trivia – You can call out questions that the reds can answer, the prize can either be told verbally or you can play the “Gift Game” where the prize is told to the other blues, but not to the reds. The question and the answer must be written in all chat. The winning red can either keep or pass their prize. You need 5 or less reds to play trivia.
  • Simon says – This game is revolved around tarping the reds. The warden must start with saying "Simon says we are playing Simon says" "Simon says that I am Simon". If they don’t follow what he says, he can kill you. If he doesn't say “Simon says” and you do the order he said, you can be killed. Simon says can only be played after 6:00. You may play this for LR.
  • Pokemon/Knife Pit – The warden asks a trivia question. The red that answers it first becomes the "Pokemon Master" or “Team Master”. Master must pick a red and the warden will pick a blue then the said red and blue will try to kill each other using melee weapons only. Pokemon/Knife Pit cannot be played with 7 or more reds. If playing for LR the Master and warden must fight at least once.
  • Opinionated games – Do not use any of these for LR or when there are less than 3 reds. Joke days, hat days, diving contests, story days, etc. are all included. There must be at least 3 blues on blue team to play any of these games.
  • Cell wars – Cell Games can ONLY be turned on before the cells door are open, and must be turned off after the cell doors are open.
  • Friendly Fire Games - Other games involving friendly fire may also be toggled in a specific place chosen by the warden, however, it has to be turned off after the game is over. You cannot play games that involve friendly fire for LR. Keep in mind that arena and cell wars are not the same!
  • Hunger Games - Blu team runs to a set location, where Reds' are not allowed enter/come near. Friendly fire is turned on after Blu team have set their spot, traveled to that spot, and cell doors are opened (using !menu to open cells). The Reds' are allowed to kill each other till one Red remains. They may kill each other with weapons, however if a Red was to start attacking members of the Blu team, then they're classified as a rebel and are killed.
Note: On JB_Jailfort, Blu team must stay in the "Hunger game" room while playing Hunger Games.
Also, Blu team may ONLY CLOSE medic when Hunger Games is being played.
  • Scavenger Hunt (Staff only)- A staff member will set themselves to engineer and hide up to three buildings around the map. The first 1-3 reds to destroy them will either get LR or survive the round.

Important Terms

Important terms:

  • AFK/WASD Freeze: During AFK freeze, you can talk through the mic or type in chat. Using your keyboard for anything else is considered not AFK freezing. During WASD freeze, you can press any keys except for WASD. Moving, strafing, walking are all considered not WASD freezing. AFK freezing may only be called once during the first out of cell order (to get the reds out of their cells); the rest must be WASD freeze. You may say "WASD Freeze" or "Freeze". Both mean the same. If you use a demo charge to move around, that still counts as rebelling when it is afk or wasd freeze.
  • Favoritism: Giving exceptions to certain players because you like them. Examples of exceptions to this are: sending only people who are hurt to medic, etc.
  • Freekilling: Freekilling is the act of killing a player even when they were following the warden's orders or were killed for no reason at all. Freekilling is not allowed.
  • Baiting: Going within melees range close to a red or being very close to a red in general.
  • Mass Freekilling: Purposely freekilling 3 or more reds at the same general time. Staff can decrease the length of the ban if it was unintentional.
  • Taunt walking: The warden can order the reds to taunt walk from location to location. "All reds taunt walk to the yellow line" The reds can Crouch walk instead of participating in the conga but not the other way around.
  • Tarping: Tricking the reds. This could be like saying "When I say go, crouchwalk to the yellow line." You say "start" and kill the reds because you didn't use the exact word "go".
  • Last CT (LCT): Being the final CT on BLU alive can trigger LCT, which gives the final CT boosted health and places them in a free-for-all matchup against the remaining Reds.

Staff Courtesy (OPTIONAL)

  • In the event of a freekill or freehit, staff may issue a respawn or use the boosthealth command to rectify the situation.


As stated above, using any donator perk other than the ones listed below outside of an Admin Abuse Day are considered abusing donator powers.
During an Admin Abuse Day all donator commands can be used as long as it's not spammed (Spawning 15 bosses at the same time etc.)
If the server crashes because of something a specific player is spamming, the player will be banned for a day/week

Excluded Commands:
!stunme (Spamming counts as abusing)
!gtstunme (Spamming counts as abusing)
!bonkme (Spamming counts as abusing)
!footprints / !footsteps
!skeleton (Cannot rebel while active)
!resizeme (Only larger sizes allowed, cannot rebel while active)
!resizemytorso (Cannot rebel while active)
!resizemyhead (Cannot rebel while active)
!vote (Don't spam this)
!hsay (Normal chat rules apply for this)
!tsay (Normal chat rules apply for this)
!msay (Normal chat rules apply for this)
!csay (Normal chat rules apply for this)
!gimme (Don't use this to give yourself advantage, only cosmetic items allowed)

Commands allowed on freedays, disallowing rebelling upon activation:
!bemerasmus @me

(You cannot rebel after turning any of these off either, you are disqualified from getting LR upon activation of any of these commands)
(If LCT triggers during the freeday you're using any of these commands in, you have to slay yourself as soon as soon as possible, or else it will be considered donator abuse.)

NOTE: Rebelling is not limited to attacking guards, it also includes anything like going in armory, taking ammo, blocking medic, hitting a vent etc.
Doing any of these on purpose will get your donator powers removed.


-Made by MuffinMonster of the XenoGamers clan
-Major overhaul & edit by Bello, Egossi & Goblins