TF2 Saxton Hale Rules

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Please read before entering! Rules change all the time, make sure you are up to date!
Saxton Hale/FF2 Rules

1 Saxton Hale-specific rules:

  • Please make adjustments to your !ff2boss selection. Do not spam the same boss. (Playing the same boss 2 or more times in a 3 time period counts as spamming.)
  • Do not delay the round. Engage at all times!
  • Capping the point is only allowed in certain cases. The Hale may cap the point ONLY if the remaining players are scouts, engies without active buildings, hyper heavies and spies, if a red is exploiting/unreachable/out of the map or if the reds are camping (i.e not moving and engaging for at least 30 seconds.). The live players may cap the point ONLY if the Hale is stalling or is not engaging. Please be courteous when you cap, and only do so to end the round in one of these scenarios.
  • Play your role, or you will be slayed. You may not ask other players to kill you, and then quickly turn around and kill them. This includes no rage farming. If you are caught doing so, you may be slain. If you are caught doing it again, your actions will resort to a 1 day ban. If after this, you continue once more, this a 1 week ban.
  • No Buddy-Buddy. This includes refusing to kill a player because you are their friend, because you want to try something out, or simply if you are delaying. If you are caught playing buddy-buddy, you will be slain. If you continue after you have already been slain, you may be banned for a day. If you continue afterwards, you may be banned for 1 week.
  • Neither team can move before the round starts, doing so will result in a slay/kick/ban.
  • Engineers are allowed to camp, but may not camp without active buildings! Do not try to stall the game unless you have an active Sentry!
  • Do not prop block the hale on maps with built-in Teleporters.
  • No ghosting.

2 General Rules

  • Staff members have the final say.
  • English only.
  • Chat spamming or microphone spamming is not allowed.
  • Don't wear the [xG] tag unless you're in [xG].
  • No immature voices. If you are annoying, you will be muted, kicked or banned accordingly.
  • Racism is not allowed.
  • No exploiting.
  • No scamming. To report scammers, contact an admin, or post a ban request.
  • Respect every player.

3 useful information and Credits

Useful commands:
  • !ff2
  • !ff2boss: Select your boss!
  • !ff2toggle: Disable/Enable becoming Hale!
  • !ff2next or !halenext: See people's queue position!
  • !halehp: Displays Hale's HP!
  • !nextmap: The Next Map that the server will change to!
  • !ff2music: Disables/Enables music that is played.
  • !nominate: Attempts to nominate a map for the next vote!
  • !ff2voice: Turns Hale's monologues off/on!
  • !votemenu: Gives you the option to votemute, voteban, votekick and votemap!
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