TF2 Surf Rules

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Please read before entering! Rules change all the time, make sure you are up to date!
TF2 Surf MOTD!
Made by Scootaloo.
Majorly overhauled by BelloWaldi and Goblins.

1 Surf-specific rules:

  • Spawnkilling/Spawncamping is not allowed on the server, this includes killing in the other teams spawn. Note: If you enter the enemy team's spawn and die from an enemy, this does not count as a spawnkill.
  • Airblasting and/or doing damage to other players in the enemy team's spawn (attacking regardless of killing them or not) is also not allowed, this includes using sandman, holiday punch and jarate/mad milk.
  • Killing from spawn whatsoever is not allowed.
  • On Linear maps: Do not prevent players from progressing on the surf tracks.
  • Do not build Engineer buildings in spawn or on the surf tracks.
  • Do not use any map specific objectives to end the round. (Capping points at the end of the surf track.)

2 General Rules

  • Staff members have the final say.
  • English only in chat and on the microphone.
  • Chat spamming or microphone spamming is not allowed.
  • Only xG members may wear the [xG] tag.
  • Racism is not allowed.
  • Do not exploit.
  • Be respectful.
  • Advertising is not allowed.
  • Cheating and hacking is strictly prohibited (Aimbots or LMAOBox)
  • Do not impersonate staff members.
  • Trolling is looked down upon.
  • Voice changers and TTS programs are considered spam.
  • No Random Trading. Please have the common courtesy to work out a deal with someone in chat before sending a trade request. It will not be tolerated.
  • Disrespect is not tolerated and will result in a punishment.
  • Keep all sprays appropriate. (No pronographic or offensive material.)

3 !friendly rules

  • If you do not wish to be killed, please use the !friendly plugin.
  • Do not complain about deaths if you aren’t using the !friendly plugin.
  • If you are using the !friendly plugin, do not interact with map buttons.

4 !cptele rules

  • Do not use !cptele to get into the spawn of the opposing team or hidden areas
  • Do not use !cptele to escape fights!

5 Useful information

There are two types of maps:
Linear Maps:

If you finish the map or fall off of the surf track, you will end up in the jail; however, if you beat the map you will receive powers to use or end up in secret places in the jail.

Arena Maps :

There isn't a jail nor an end, you need to use your surf-skills to survive!

How to get back to your spawn:
It is highly suggested that you bind /kill or /explode for a quick return to spawn. Or, you can use !cpsave to set your teleport position at spawn as well, if you do not wish to set it somewhere else in the map.
Please follow the !cptele rules!

Spanish: TF2 Reglas Del Surf
French: French Translation To Surf Rules