Terraria server rules

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This is the official rules for the Terraria event 1.3.4 Dungeon defenders crossover event. Please go through them before playing.
Be aware, Vanilla Terraria servers does not include muting, the only Disciplinary action available is ban and kick.

General chat rules apply

1. Death threats and encouraging suicide (KYS!!!!) is prohibited, and will be punished by a kick or a ban.

2. Scamming(Trading, etc.) is not allowed on xG servers. Contact an admin or mod directly (preferably with proof).

3. Spamming is not allowed.

4. Racial comments are strictly prohibited and will directly punished with a ban.

5. Repeated and Unwanted Harassment , abuse and targeting of someone is not allowed.

6. Advertising or any links outside Xenogamers Is not allowed.

In Game
1. Trolling is forbidden on server. Staff has final say on the definition.

2. The spawning of bosses, the triggering of events near other players without notice is not allowed.

3. The activation of important events (Wall of flesh, moon lord, etc.) is not allowed until further notice.

4. Greifing is strictly prohibited and any form will be dealt with a ban.

5. Looting the spawn house area or changing it will be delt with a ban.

6. Glitching or exploiting glitches to your own advantage (in this case, the water bucket glitch is not included) may be illegal.

7. Stealing from other players is prohibited.

8. Taking npcs away from their original position is strictly prohibited.

9. Any malicious activity against the world will be punished. (e.g Destroying the dungeon entirely, Digging random holes everywhere, maliciously spread the corruption or the hallow, cleansing all corruption or hallow, cutting all the trees down deliberately, etc.)

10. Pixel art must be appropriate.

11. Killing players through utilization of traps, boulders, lava, drowning , etc. Is not allowed.

13. No unwanted trespassing, if the owner of a house asks you to leave, you need to leave.

14. Please try not to obstruct the world as the world is 2D.

15. Staff always have the final say .