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The motd for TTT ingame.


xG TTT Rules
If you have a problem with player call an admin by typing @ <message>. Do not RDM them.

1. Do not try to loophole any rules.
3. Do not mic or chat spam.
4. Advertising on our server is not allowed.
5. pronographic sprays will not be toleranced.
6. Do not impersonate other members or admins.
7. Harassment or discrimination toward other players is unacceptable.
8. No cheating on our servers (this includes wall-hacking, aimbot, etc).
9. Political or religious topics are allowed unless a moderator tells you to stop.

TTT specific rules:
1. Do not RDM (Random Death Match)
2. Do not Ghost/Metagame.
3. Do not traitorbait (Randomly shooting around them)
5. Do not propsurf.
6. Do not propblock (This is slayable)
7. If you pickup a traitor weapon, broadcast it out in chat.
8. Breaking health stations/testers are traitorous.
9. Give three text warnings (five seconds apart) in chat before shooting a follower or blocker.
10. Only live checks from detectives are redeemed valid reason to KOS someone.
11. Throwing incen's (at a group) or discombos (which kill people) is considered traitorous.
12. Can not force someone to get tested. (Only could mark as suspicious)
13. Try to let them id the bodies before shooting.

Innocent Specific Rules:
1. Innos must say they are defusing C4 and give at least 5 seconds before defusal. (Unless less than 5 secs remain)
-Any deaths occuring due to not proclaiming defusal will be considered RDMs
2. Must have proof that someone is a traitor. (Suspicion is not a valid reason)
3. False KOS without valid proof counts as rdm.
4. If you propkill, it counts as rdm.
5. Do not throw incen's at a group.
6. Killing anyone with discombo's is rdm.

Detective Specific Rules:
1. Detectives can give orders, but not following orders is not traitorous.
2. Do not teamkill.
3. Breaking traitor tester will result in a slay.
4. Live check or KOS can only be given during overtime.
5. Make sure the DNA is on point before shooting.

Traitor Specific Rules:
1. Do not camp traitor rooms. (1.5 min max)
-If called out as a traitor you can stay for 3 min max
2. Do not teamkill.
3. Warn other traitors if you're going to jihad/active traps otherwise it counts as rdm.

Invalid Reasons to Kill:
-He is following you
-You obviously walked in his line of fire.
-His weapon matches the weapon used to kill on the dead body
-Heard shooting from the room

Valid Reasons to Kill:
-Traitorous acts
-Walking by un-id's

Map Specific Rules:
1. Holding an uncharged axe is NOT traitorous.
2. Charging the axe is traitorous.
3. Holding a charged axe is traitorous unless throwing it off a building. (Must Say you are before doing so)
4. Breaking the bridges is traitorous.
5. Disconbobs are traitorous on this map.

67th Way
1. You can block the cars
2. Breaking the tester is traitorous.
Community Pool
1. Putting Props in the water undergound is against the rules.

1. You cannot go to the bottom unless it is flooding.

1. Locking people in the freezer is traitorous.
2. Turning unid'd bodies into watermelons is traitorous

1. If you activate the trap and it kills someone it is RDM if innocent

White House
1. Activating the mines and killing people is RDM if innocent

1. Must wait 30 between switching the lights
-Spam will result in slay
2. Lights are not traitorous

1. Locking someone in the freezer is traitorous

Terror Train
1. Throwing Discombobs is traitorous, if thrown by INO- Slay or Ban.

Concentration Camp

1. Rigging the tester is traitorous.

Made By Suzy. :llama:
Revised by Vertex