Sponsorship And The Reward Tiers

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Our servers and infrastructure have come a long way since 2011, and we constantly strive to improve and expand for our community. Being a sponsor is a huge way for you to go above and beyond what we ask of you to help us out, and the tier system is a way to get recognized for how much you are willing to help.

How it works

You must donate with the message: "Sponsor" and the amount must be equal or greater than the tier you want to be included in.

Your name will stay on whatever tier that applies to you, and you are allowed to upgrade tiers at any point.

If anything gets added to a reward tier, anyone who is at that tier or higher (even if it has been months since they got into the tier or higher) still gets the added rewards as well.

The three members who started the sponsorship rewards (@Chrono, @ThePenguin and @SnowyMinion) are grandfathered into any benefit I discussed with them that isn't listed in this guide.

$20 Reward Tier

  • Donator Tag on the Forums/Teamspeak (Also removes filter and ads on forums)
  • Sponsor Tag and Icon on Forums/Teamspeak
  • An increase of purchased teamspeak icons you can use by 1 at a time (from 3 to 4)
  • An increased amount of entries on any raffles we have (usually 3-4x the regular amount)
  • Exclusive perks on our servers TBA
  • Minecraft - You get all the initial pets unlocked (around 35)
  • Wearing xG:S on our servers to indicate you're a sponsor
  • 5000 Credits

$40 Reward Tier

  • 6000 Credits
  • All Previous Rewards

$60 Reward Tier

  • 7000 Credits
  • Custom Icon for Teamspeak that you can customize the image+name (No pron, racism, or anything deemed possible harrassment towards another, must be pre-approved by staff) that can only be purchased by sponsors.
  • All Previous Rewards
Claimed by 1: @ThePenguin

$80 Reward Tier

  • 8000 Credits
  • All Previous Rewards

$100 Reward Tier

  • 9000 Credits
  • All Previous Rewards
Claimed by 1: @Bone

$120 Reward Tier

  • 10000 Credits
  • All Previous Rewards

$150 Reward Tier (Final)

  • 15000 Credits
  • A Teamspeak community channel (Worth 25000 Credits, can be redeemed for credits instead)
  • A custom tag on the forums that you come up with (name + color) to indicate your immense support of the community. Completely unique and can't be obtained by others.
  • All Previous Rewards
Claimed by 3: @SnowyMinion($150), @Chrono($160), and @Bone($200)


  • Q: Is this it?
  • A: No, this is just the beginning! We will constantly be adding new rewards to tiers and possibly adding tiers depending on the amount of support we get.

  • Q: What if I donated for a specific Tier and you remove a reward and add something else in the future?
  • A: You will still get the new reward, and will not lose any previous reward you had, we might have removed it for a number of reasons but it is not fair to remove it from you if we have given it to you in the past.

  • Q: Is there a limit to how many can claim a specific tier?
  • A: No.

  • Q: Isn't this like Patreon or Kickstarter, can't you think of something more clever?
  • A: I truly believe that this system is very good, and we have been using it for our TF2 donator perks as well. tl;dr: No.

  • Q: I have an idea for a reward, what should I do?
  • A: Start a conversation with @Aegean or @Rhododendron to discuss your idea.

  • Q: Do I pay monthly to stay in a tier?
  • A: No we changed that limitation, and the amount you donate for sponsor adds up to bump you up in the tiers.
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