TF2 Deathrun Rules

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Deathrun Server

Anything that is not in the MOTD is considered illegal unless an Admin says otherwise.

General Rules

Chat spamming or microphone spamming is not allowed. If you are asked to stop talking on your microphone, due to poor quality, excess chatter and other reasons, please do so. If an admin asks you to stop and you continue, you may be gagged/muted, kicked, and then later banned. If you spam chat constantly, you may be gagged without warning. If you are caught advertising, you will be banned for 1 week.

Don't wear the [xG] tag unless you're in [xG]. You can be asked to remove by an admin if you are not in. If you are in [xG], your name must have the [xG] first (ex. [xG] Example [eX]. If you wish to join [xG], feel free to create an account and make a member submission thread, located here. If you are caught wearing the tags and refuse to remove them, this is a day ban. If you still refuse, you may be permanently banned.

No immature voices.This includes squeaky, young or immature voices. If you are asked to stop you must do so. If you fail to, you will be muted. You will not be un-muted, unless an admin deems it needed.

No racism is allowed. This includes gender, race, religion, or political standpoint. If you are caught discriminating against a player for one of the above reasons, you make be gagged or muted. If you continue, you may be kicked. If afterwards, you continue, you will be banned permanently.

No scamming. If you are caught scamming a player out of any item, this will be a permanent ban. To report scammers, contact an admin, or post a ban request, located here. Proof is required in order for the ban to take effect.

Respect every player. If you and your friends are messing around and playful name-calling, that is fine. However, if you are caught bashing and disrespecting other players, and they ask you to stop and you continue, you will be gagged or muted. If this continues, you will be kicked, and if the problem persists, you will be banned permanently. No excessive arguments is included in this rule. If you argue with a person over an accident, an unfair trade, or their attitude, you may be asked to stop by a moderator, admin, or division leader. If the arguing persists, you will be gagged, kicked and banned, for a total of 3 chances.

Do not break the map.

Do not lie about a freerun.

Do not use any weapon that is not your melee.