Morbus MOTD

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The MOTD of the Morbus Server containing all of the rules and information the players need.


We're always looking for moderators. For more information contact ᵡᴳḽᴰ::Vertex.
Training will be provided where required. The successful applicant will be at-least 16 years of age.
And progressively seek to resolve problems; using server bans only when absolutely necessary.

Feedback from the Morbus community heavily valued and can be posted
on our forums.
Consider clicking the donate tab if you would like to support the server and get points.
Also join our
steam group, for occasional Morbus notifications and event postings.

General Rules

1. Do not RDM. (randomly shoot people)
2. Do not meta-game or ghost.
3. Do not delay rounds as brood.

4. Do not impersonate server staff.
5. Do not cross-server advertise or recruit
6. Do not spam the light switch on and off.

i) choose a position and leave it there.
7. Do not body-block access places like...
i) doors, light-switches, door-openers etc.
8. Do not spray anything inappropriate
i) pronography, genitalia's, body fluids etc.
9. Treat other players on the server with respect.
10 Harassment or discrimination is not acceptable.
11. Hacking will result in an immediate server ban.

Communication Guidelines

1. Do not spam microphones or server chat.
2. Do not abuse key-bindings to flood server chat.
3. Microphones that echo game volume are at a high risk of being muted.
i) Unless they're on push to talk and are quickly used then shut off.​
4. Avoid repetitively saying nonsensical things like "one of us" or "swarm them."
5. With higher player counts, people who don't share voice chat, may be muted.
6. Annoying children causing a nuisance with the microphone, may be muted.
7. Expect stricter enforcement of these guidelines during higher player counts.
i) This is required to keep the server experience enjoyable for everyone.​

What is RDM?

1. Killing or harming your teammates without probable cause.
2. Using the Death Traps / Map Triggers to kill teammates.
3. Claiming a room / area of the map and shooting whoever enters.
4. Revenge RDMing. (Killing your RDMer on future rounds)
5. Goomba Stomping and Prop Killing teammates.

What is NOT RDM?

1. Killing a disguised Brood, who has received no damage from anther alien.
2. Witnessing every player complete an objective and killing the remaining brood(s).
3. Killing a brood who you've been following for four minutes and hasn't completed an objective.

4. Killing someone blocking an entrance/exit area. (send one warning over all chat, before killing)
5. Defending yourself against an RDMer. (Someone who is shooting you, for no apparent reason)
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