Better Morbus Admin Handbook

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A guideline for moderating on Morbus.


Read the !motd found here: Morbus MOTD
Read the guide on using commands: Morbus Commands for Staff
Read the guide on reading the end round logs: How to read Morbus RDM Logs
Sourcebans: Xeno Gamers
Contact @Vertex for additional questions.

This is a guideline for moderation on the Morbus Garry's Mod server. Different circumstances may call for different actions; however, moderators should make sure they're not overstepping this guide or "jumping the gun" on a server ban. The goal is to ban the least amount of players as possible, while making every effort to resolve conflicts, which hurt the overall server experience. Bans are maximum sentences. Moderators may choose to be less harsh, exceptwhere explicitly mentioned, an immediate server ban is required. (like 4+ rdms in a single round, with no grenade)

Key Terms

RDM is when a player intentionally kills their teammates without probable cause.

LTAP is when the user leaves to avoid punishment, which no longer allows you to moderate their action.

Marker. A marker is a one minute ban, that moderators use to keep track of repeat offenders.

Priors. Refers to a client having a previous server ban on record within the last three to six months.

AFK is when someone is away from keyboard and not able to currently respond.

Revenge RDM is when someone hunts down and kills, anther player who RDMs them without probable cause. We consider this as problematic because it interferes with our ability to moderate for RDMing. These require skipping to the warning phase, where told to ignore first offense.

Chain RDM is when a player kills anther person "in the heat of the moment", when they've RDM'd anther person. Make extra effort to look for these on RDM logs and ignore RDM tags resulting from these. It's a player's right to shoot anyone who guns down anther human player.

Chain of Command

If a higher ranking staff member is online and not AFK, explain the circumstance and get confirmation before continuing with any first offense-related server ban. This makes sure the person gets the most fair moderation possible and removes all moderator liability. They may want to veto the ban, and give the player one more chance to smarten up.

Escalate all priors up to the next person in the "Chain of Command". Unless otherwise specified in this guide, don't invoke this task on yourself, to make this judgment alone. Make a recommendation, get a confirmation before proceeding. Having a second opinion is very important, to ensure moderators don't overstep themselves, and hand out too harsh sentences to players.

Administrators (the next rank up from moderators) may talk amongst themselves to handle the escalation and sentencing process. If there are any disagreements, escalate this up to a division leader or manager with both recommendations. Let them make the final call for the extension.

First Time Offenses

Do not use harsh banning practices on first time offenses unless otherwise specified in this handbook. You may only make an exception to this rule, if it can be proven the offender is abusing leniency. Moderators should be able to justify their actions when/if asked by a division manager or server operator. If moderators feel the need to make these exceptions constantly, it's a result of improper moderation and they should seek advice on how to improve their strategies. The best advice that can be given to said moderators is to improve their tone and not be so condescending. The actions of other players often reflect on the impression you give.

It is considered harsh for instance, to ban a player without first making attempts to first resolve the problem. Unless otherwise specified in this guide, players should receive some type of warning to not perform said action. This way, they're not surprised if stronger repercussions happen down the road, if they continue said action.

Don't confuse this with communication guidelines. Mutes may be handed out where required, without the warning the player.
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