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    Because noone that actually has a say in who get promo/demoed actually cares if someone is good enough to be staff...the only thing that matters is how many "friends" you have or how deep your pockets are. :)
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    Fistful Of Frags Division?

    Why not have a trial server to see if its going to remain populated?
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    Xg|patient Zero - Team Fortress 2

    You arent staff, so what you did was completely abuse. Youre like a citizen with a gun who thinks he/she is part of the police
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    Jailbreak. Cancer? Yeah. Just Cancer.

    This was me playing sand http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMkltj5vUnA Also please turn on colisions again
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    Jailbreak. Cancer? Yeah. Just Cancer.

    That sounds complicated and difficult. I find the foreign minors to be a great advantage to the xG community
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    Jailbreak. Cancer? Yeah. Just Cancer.

    I should prob be more active on the jailbreak servers so i can cure the cancer ;)
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    Jailbreak. Cancer? Yeah. Just Cancer.

    But sand is actually good. We should just remove legojail a second time as a formality.
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