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    Sucy the Mushroom

    I see on the log that he has received two hour long bans and one day ban. A week minimum, two weeks maximum would personally be my choice. You really shouldn't try to justify the multiple mutes as the requirement for a lengthy ban. You muted the person, you had chances to ban that person, and you still chose to mute him? I could understand muting him a couple times, but why mute him seventeen times? It doesn't seem like people are using their head to make a rational decision. Then realistically, there should be a decision on the right way to handle this situation before Sucy receives a potential punishment. Because regardless the context of what he has done, he should receive a fair punishment just like future rule breakers. This needs to be a black and white area, not a gray area. Mega, I can see what you mean about just keeping him muted, however I believe it'd be best to keep Sucy off of the server. There could be a possibility that Sucy himself could be harassed by other players for what has done, and I wouldn't want that on anyone. Especially since xG doesn't want to condone harassment to realistically anyone. Lastly, we all have opinions on matters. Just because (not speaking for Sucy) someone doesn't like something and is verbal about it, don't take it to heart (to an extent). I don't like the whole furry idea, but I'm sure plenty of people don't like the whole weeb idea. In a perfect world, we wouldn't have issues, but perfection isn't literal. It's subjective.
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    Sucy the Mushroom

    Sucy will be given a one week ban for his behavior post previous punishment and based on ban history. -closed
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    Remove Machine Slapping from FF2

    If Machine Slapping is removed, we might as well remove the entire PlayPoints plugin. The majority of the powerups have either been removed or nerfed to a point where they're useless. If anything, we just need a replacement for what is an old, buggy, unsupported plugin
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    Sucy the Mushroom

    He honestly just seems to like confrontation. If you let him know he's getting under your skin you're giving him attention and that validates him because that's his goal. I honestly don't think we should even really ban him, he's just another body on the server most of the time. If we really want we should just silence him for longer and longer periods of time and if all he wants to come on to do is shit-talk he'll soon stop returning. Otherwise he's keeping the servers populated while unable to start shit or will learn to stop starting shit, which is the best of both worlds
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    Locking boss in taunt in FF2

    +1 The only reason i'm +1'ing this is because of crouch areas in maps where if you get a short circuit engineer to stun him so he cant move then get a huntsman sniper to walk up and taunt your win is guaranteed. The only way out of these stunlocks are rages that do damage to people around the boss.
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    Possible new CS:GO gamemode?

    War3: ScoutzKnivez War3: Surf DM War3: Rotation DM
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