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    Include maturity(M) and activity(A) ratings on a scale from 1 - 10.
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    Was an admin before I even got moderator. I thought of you as one of the more chill staff at the time and you were pretty good at enforcing the rules. It was sad to see you step down. I would love to see you come back to a staff position! +1
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    New plugins

    OwO wats dis *nuzzles wuzzles* I want hug and kiss .3. cause they would add on to the furry erp i participate in ? along with helping me bond better with my boyfriend ^3^ teehee *nuzzles* OwO :3 (dont judge me cause im 12 and gay and furry okay?) rawr x3
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    Hey, I'm Sympathy. I've been on the xg servers for a while now, particularly tgh, and I think I should get to know the community a little better. My activity has pretty sparse lately, and there's two reasons. First, I got my first job this summer as a lifeguard. Secondly, I've been learning how to make tf2 maps since February, and I think I'm becoming competent at it. Some other things about me are I have terrible internet, I love rock and roll, and I'm lazy. Anyway, I hope to get to know more of you this year.
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    ninja kissed me on the battlebus ?
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    2 weeks of decent activity after vanishing off the face of the earth isn't super active. keep it constant over a month or so and plan on staying longer. same for you @roflmao61
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    you live in canada and still go to elementary school, hes a big boy living in korea rn, and goes on past your bed time when its late at night but we still have 15+ people on for a few hours. also its the same time casper is on which is why you dont see him, he gets on then to avoid you.
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    we really need a "thank you" reaction
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    Favorite jump map you've completed

    My least favorite would probably be jurf, but one of my favorite things to do is speedrun jump academy.
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    +1 hes aight a9 m7
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