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    anyone who uses light theme on discord deserves to PERISH
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    That was fun, thanks for coming guys, we had a good laugh. Now to convince the CSGO division to do a TF2 6s game.
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    Taking a break

    I am taking a bit of an xG break, for now, just 2 weeks to try and get things together Work has been stressful and making me miss most pop events and makes me offline when everyone else is online. I am already burned out of my job and looking for a new one but I do not want to get burned out of xG as well as I do love this community and the people in it Hopefully, when I get back I will have a new job, and I will be able and more willing to get on the servers more often ~Queen
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    I have seen multiple people, myself included say they don't like the new rtd The new effects aren't great, the bad effects either don't make a difference, are just an inconvenience or just suck and making some of the rtd less long for some reason like 10 seconds long forced taunt for some reason? Strong recoil makes it so aiming makes your screen blast around and you can't see anything, the slope one (forgot the name) makes it so it takes a very long time to walk up the smallest of slopes, outline basically never really effects you that bad unless you're playing spy And some of the new effects are just overpowered and not fun to fight against, I can get that you'll need a good rtd to break a camp or something but the amount of good effects that can do that is pretty bad compared to the old rtd of having like two (crits, team crits, fire breath, godmode, powerplay) Now a argument for this is being able to just remove a ton of the new effects, but at that point why should we keep the new rtd and force ourselves to keep the new friendly mode aswell? And because of the new rtd not working with old friendly mode, it brings me to my point which pushed me to the point of actually making this vote instead of having a dislike for the new effects. The new friendly plugin Now because of this new friendly plugin there's two main things wrong with it which old friendly did not The bug where you can look like a normal player but be in friendly mode, this can make it look like a person would be able to be killed but you just waste ammo on them until you realise they're friendly And the bigger problem; Being able to heal players who are in friendly mode, this makes it so you can build uber off of a person who is invincible and should not be able to healed and if they're in the way you'll heal them instead of the target you want, and if the person in friendly is an enemy you won't be able to heal the person that's behind the person in friendly. Friendly mode should not effect gameplay in any shape, way or form. even if you think it's a minor effect on it. Thought I should mention, good job to @Caleb956 for trying to basically make the friendly mode work, but as it stands I think we should just revert back to the old plugins that had very little wrong with them, the only problem that I can think of is friendly players being able to block rockets but that is unfixable for any plugin as far as i'm aware. In conclusion, the new rtd system has resulted in us having to update other plugins, resulting in more issues as the new rtd system alone is not enjoyed by the majority of players (from what I've seen and heard, no statistics as of now). I think we need to revert back to what we used to have, old plugins, old rtd, etc. Thoughts?
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    CS:GO 10 man with only TF2 Players

    Okay so here's what's poppin jimbos. It will be on the scrim server, how to get in is pinned in discord in #csgo. Usually we have the best two as captains, in this case (I think) they would be @mrnutty12 and @Semper. Best of 3, maps will be vetoed be captains (no map can be played more than once). First come first serve, I will be a sub if needed, most likely if Semper's internet dies like he says it does. Teams should not have more than 2 coaches each, if anybody would like to be a caster (no more than 2) they will have to be in a seperate discord channel with whoever is streaming. Anyone who is going to watch via spectator should mute themselves in discord if joining the voice chat. It will be when most people are available. Please tell me when y'all are available.
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    Report Scammers

    ayy but congrats on -100 forum rep @DepressedNeonNepp ?
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    Redundant question but...

    fat yeets
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    I said I've been here longer than you Danny so don't act like I can't handle the powers because you were saying how I'm not ready to be admin which is why I am leaving it up to lithium to decide not you ? And plus this application is not a meme i take admin very seriously on the servers.
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    I'm back, forever

    I mean no you guys really didn’t do shit except barrage the kid for feeling like shit in a community. @DepressedNeonNepp learn from the fact that it’s just a server you play on, no point in getting upset about people who care too much or think there is a “level of maturity in a community” . The maturity you show now will gradually improve or it won’t but either way it doesn’t matter
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    You're a good person . Btw I'm board ... stilll a good person . +Rep or whatever lol
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