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    +1 it offers nothing he beneficial and breeds toxicity. If it's not allowed on our servers why our discord?
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    Goodbye, for good.

    Of course @Genocide
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    Remove #shitposting from discord

    Honestly if people wanna shitpost then they should use 4chan or some place where furries, bronies and that all gather. I personally dislike the shitposting channel and only look in case people are breaking TOS. However I feel as though removing it could people off and I really don't wanna see MLP in the discord general. Sometimes the posts can be pretty funny. Leaning towards remove but gonna stay neutral because I think people need to learn what is shitposting, what is just not shitposting and is just annoying and finally that there are posts that go against the Terms of Service. If things do not improve from here, I will be voting to remove it.
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    Worked on myself alot

    Well, for one I am glad to see that you are back pal. That's always good. Sorry to hear that you have been dealing with stress lately and I am glad to hear that it's gone. Tekage summed up everything I was going to say. Just make sure to do your best to be polite on the forums and in game. Overall I am just glad to have you back. If you ever want to talk or if you ever need help feel free to contact me. I'm always here for you pal. Just do your best to stay optimistic and to stay positive. I wish the best of luck for you in the future, I looked forward to seeing you online more often. Best of luck for you in the future of xG!
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    Promotions and Demotions #209

    Congrats @Topaz and @RealChance!
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    Bhop god here

    so you hit jump when you are about to hit the floor and then shake your mouse while doing it hope it work EDIT: also i know how to bhop in fortnite and most ecently black op four so if u need help with those one
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    i get the BIGGEST erection when i can make peoples lives worse
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    Camping But Not in Secrets

    I agree with a @Shutthefuckupandleavethisdeadmemealone, anyways the rules are fine, whoever does it doesn't know the rules.
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    Goodbye, for good.

    see you in two weeks
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    Member's Name Guest Information Tope thought I was "armory camping" slayed me and said good luck reporting me. He said I did not do it correctly and I was going to find other rebeler but saw different rebeller in armory so I was shoting him and then Tope slayed me, for armory camping and it was false.
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