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    I'd skin and cook a furfag tbh
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    Kanye 2018 Wyoming

    Kanye has been busy recently. From releasing two albums himself and producing a bunch in Wyoming. Curious if you've given any of them a listen. Personally I love Kids See Ghost and YE, liked Daytona and not a big fan of Nasir. Haven't listened too K.T.S.E.
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    TF2 Operation: Populate v2

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    PolarCoded - Counter-Strike

    +1 cool guy, always camps the same fucking spots, though.
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    +1 cool guy A 6 M 7
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    should xG make a cs:go deathrun?

    no that's lame lol dr sucks
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    Questions about the Towny Server

    I think if there is an admin shop you can buy blocks as well as spawners but not blocks such as a beacon
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    Turn pan into the market gardener

    A trial version on the handshake has been added. Please make a vote to remove the handshake with the market gardener stats after a bit if you feel that you are against it. -Closed
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    PolarCoded - Counter-Strike

    Ewww is that polar. Easily in top 5 big bully to me. Maybe if your name was penguin not polar. -3 a:7 m:0 bullies people on the internet
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