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    0. One of the most active people on the server and very knowledgeable of the rules but I'm not confident that the level of maturity is there just yet. He reminds me of myself in 2014* (where I should have never gotten mod honestly). Generally kind to the server population but as soon as someone starts being annoying or someone he adamantly hates (supermaki, goldfish, sodium etc) is around it turns into insulting and a generally negative tone. Also tends to hold grudges and continue arguments where the easiest option would just be to leave (can't argue with stupid lol). best course of action imo is probationary mod for 2-4 weeks. *"Immature 12 year old" ~Charles/Hexx
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    Stepping down

    Spoke to Caleb, he will be stepping down from staff, but will help code plug-ins and help the TF2 higher-ups if they need it. He'll always be a higher-up in our hearts, even if he doesn't want the position
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    +1, been extremely fun to be around both as a friend and as a (potential) staff member, which is one of his many amazing attributes. I speak from experience both on and off of the servers that he would be an excellent fit for the cs division staff team.
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    Stardew Valley Giveaway

    I wish my friends got into it more so I could play it more, definitely recommend!
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    Stardew Valley Giveaway

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    It's a good game. A farming sim based off of Harvest Moon. It's like 98% recommended on steam. also, @Aegean Give me Stardew valley DL please
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    wanna sprite cranberry?

    wanna sprite cranberry?
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    The state of TF2?

    pull the fucking plug
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