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    Which one is the best game?

    CSGO 100%
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    What's your favorite drink?

    well unfortunately I reside in the US.
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    DidJewSeeThat? - Counter-Strike

    was still on i've banned him more like one of his alts @Lithium
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    The future of xG

    i will now reveal the true reason i joined this clan. i joined this clan to apply for co-leader so i could make this clan the best damm clan on the internet - consider it a neo-xG. unfortunately, my member application was denied under false pretenses so i am unable to apply for staff. friends, brothers, sisters, i call to you now to allow me to become the new leader of this clan and i promise you all fame and fortune; and here's how i'm going to do that: phase 1: culling out the week next saturday and throughout the weekend all of our tf2 servers will be populated to the max (32/32) because a steam announcement will be made which goes along the lines of this: "JOIN THIS SERVER OR YOU'RE KICKED FROM THE CLAN" indeed, those who do not show up over the weekend will be kicked, as well has most of the members of xG. Only the strong will be allowed to survive in neo-xG. 32 players at the time will fight in a free-for-all - like popular book hunger games. The one winner of each round of 32 will stay in the clan. phase 2: becoming the strongest clan in the world now we have only the strongest players in neo-xG. we take these players and form a competitive highlander team. as you may know you cannot instantly join the highest-tier division, so we're going to hack into the computers of b4nny's team and find nude pictures of them to use as blackmail. we then get on the roster via said blackmail and use our gamer skills to become the new strongest TF2team. phase 3: profit while to the outside world we appear benevolent and noble as a neo-xG tf2 highlander team, one night we take the world by surprise and start pub-stomping, HARD. only 2 hours of sleep every day, we spend 22 hours a day pub-stomping. the onslaught will be so great no one could join a casual game and leave spawn without being instantly killed. now we have tf2 at hostage, so we start making demands. first, valve must give us admin access to tf2. we use this to get shiny unusual hats. then, we make tf2 no longer free-to-play. now, everyone must pay 5$/hour of play. so you see, if you just allow me to be your now co-leader, xG can become neo-xG - a place of freedom, hope, dreams, and all the shiny hats and fortune you can imagine. WHO WILL JOIN ME? i have spoken ?
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    Anything that I circled in the red was before precious joined the server and someone was bodyblocking me constantly then started to shittalk also Everything i said there was towards me and another regular on tgh who was bodyblocking constantly then would shittalk and I would then clap back with shut the fuck up or ur fuckhead after that we left it on that and that's when bonfire told us to stop which we already did and left it. Precious wasn't on the server at this time.
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    Stepping down

    Just gonna keep this short and sweet. Thank you all for the memories that we shared, we had a hell of a ride. Wish you all the best
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    What's your favorite drink?

    if you haven't gotten blackout drunk at least once before you're 21 you haven't really lived
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    Should I become a furry

    Yes Furry's are dope
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    Stepping down

    fucking finally the tf2 division is ready to die lol
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    CS:GO is now FREE TO PLAY!

    Look at what I’ve found on Deviantart
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