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    Heroin ?

    Heroin ?
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    xG Christmas 2018

    Somebody give this man a medal. Sheer poetry right there.
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    Remove trade_echidna_shrine

    there honestly isn't much to explain, its visibly unappealing to look at overall and the only interesting part of the map just turns into a engineer nest, not to mention some people who didn't download the map right cant join due to the maps poor design and causing errors and crashing tf2, "model inline error 22" or something along those lines I wouldn't be losing any sleep if this map gets removed, if not removed atleast make it a rule not to build in the krusty krab area, as it pretty much becomes body blocking, and engineer nests just like old school poketrade goldenrod maps.
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    +1 he knows rules and is on alot
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    Remove trade_echidna_shrine

    BIG -1 I love this map. You can literally +attack and do nothing which saves me time from farming my unique knife. It has a lot of problems but I still don't think it should be removed since we hardly go on it and when we do I have a great time just fooling around than just actually playing the game.
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    Hello there

    all the intellectuals have Rick & Morty references. @Dannypicacho wouldn't understand. Welcome to xG
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    Should we add a "Big Chungus" title

    That'll hold him all right *high pitched bugs bunny laughter*
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    people who have santa hats in their pfp deserve severe punishment of the unusual kind
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    Last comment wins

    I don't wanna win own challenge. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Hello there

    HI i am Tyler, i like being a toxic warden and rebelling as T, i also play Csgo, rainbow 6 siege, and League. I also have about 700 hours on JB alone no life ig.
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