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    Congratulations to everyone promoted! Especially @Jadow on getting DL!
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    Remove my friends perma ban

    I appreciate you putting in the effort for sticking up to your friend, but what he did isnt okay and he wont be unbanned for a while. Also, use the form in the application menu next time ? ~closed
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    I got banned for life for no reason

    Doxxing another player in any way, shape or form here is completely against the rules and will ALWAYS result in a permanent ban. As far as the evidence goes and a confirmation from the owner of the phone number, things don't look great for you. As I'm told by @virr, you CANNOT use the unban challenge to get out of this and rightly so. I don't think you realise how serious doxxing is. Regardless, If you would like to make a protest on your ban, please make one here: https://xenogamers.com/forums/forum/5-ban-protest/ If you would like to report Krampus for abuse, please provide evidence and make a thread here: https://xenogamers.com/forums/forum/6-report-abuse/
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    Remove my friends perma ban

    Why have you made the protest and not Tykz himself?
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    I got banned for life for no reason

    You got permed for doxxing people's phone numbers what the fuck do you mean LMAO Xeno Gamers BANS.XENOGAMERS.COM
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    Very nice, very swag ?

    Very nice, very swag ?
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    Rising epidemic of harassment

    A month of therapy isn't going to fix your problems, my dude. Go in with an open mind and you'll see that your therapist is actually trying to help you. Also, try picking up a hobby that isn't related to video games. Best of luck to you.
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    I'm gonna ping this again, I want low as hell rep. This is not me trying to gain, rep, I honestly want a low rep. Help plz.
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    Remove my friends perma ban

    they banned me typing random numbers
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    Wasn't planning on continuing I'm unsubscribing to this btw bye
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