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    Just a heads up, to people who both regularly attend or just occasionally hop into community nights that the next one is Saturday of 2/16 and will be GMOD. After this, we will start having community nights every other Saturday with the one after being 3/9/19. If you have any questions or thoughts, etc. leave them here so we can create an even better experience. Be sure to add me on steam so that you can join off me or someone else when we play. Gamemodes we’ll run will be TTT, PropHunt, SledBuild, and potentially more. TL;DR (again): The next community night is the Saturday after this one (2/16) and the one after that will be 3/9, with a CN happening every other week or so. Here’s my steam.
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    Good question- due to xG’s nonexistent GMod division and the understandable inability on the higherups side to spontaneously generate servers out of nowhere, I’ll be finding random empty community servers fit for the CN a week or so beforehand.
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    Cancer Manual

    All tees when cell doors open take a step out of your cell face the back of your cell and freeze. Any repeats? Ok all teeeeees bomb rush my marker unstack shoulder to shoulder facing west. Ok what would you guys like to do today? I think I heard Dodge course so all tees bomb rush to Dodge course and you can free roam on the platform once you arrive. Ok we are starting Dodge course and taking 2 survivors. Ok what would you two like to do for lr? Alright we are going to be doing Bhop for lr all ts bomb rush to Bhop jumping is restricted. All tees may now start Bhop. Lol dumbass jumping was restricted *shoots*. Cool, please lr before 5:00. Ok scouts knives any rules? None, ok go. Then the CT won and got the epic victory royale
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    I actually really want to try a 10man one time for real, everyone seems a lot more chill in cs
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    Official csgo 10man tier list

    yea but... where am i
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    Cancer Manual

    Hmmmm, who invented that game again? I forgot.
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    I heard that if you smack Dwayne Johnson’s ass you’ll hit rock bottom
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    Something needs to be said about this. Everyone in the TF2 division is quitting all at once and they all have the reason for it: The servers have gotten stale and 14 hours a week (2 hours a day) is too much Here's what should be done IMO: halve the requirement (7 hours a week). It's a matter of keeping good staff members for the long-term. I don't think the current model of cycling though staff members every few months is a good one. Also, with a 7 hour a week requirement, wouldn't the servers be understaffed? No, I don't think so. With the lower requirement, we can simply have more TF2 staff members for one thing, and !calladmin and discord and the forums exist for a reason (that reason being the servers can't be staffed 24/7 anyways.
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